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Last updated:
27 March 2022

Testimonials by ex-Raelians, Listen what ex-Raelans say about Claude Vorilhon Rael

Excerpt from testimony of former Raelian guide Sage Ali (Raelian for 17 years)

Rael said that he met the ancient prophets, and he described a few of them in terms of physical appearance. He described Jesus as "a young, bearded man, [...] Buddha was "a more corpulent man with an Asian face. He had a shaven head."

First of all, it is quite interesting that Rael's descriptions fit perfectly with most people's current "pop culture" images of these prophets. [...] but I will share a few thoughts about Buddha:

Why would Buddha be fat (or "corpulent" as Rael wrote) on the Planet of Eternals? Didn't Rael write that Eternals are re-created in 17 year-old perfect bodies? Would Buddha really have chosen to be re-created overweight for eternity?

Did you know that the "Fat Laughing Chinese Buddha" depicted in the statues we've all seen is actually a completely different person from the real Buddha? Buddha's real name was Gautama Siddhartha and he was North Indian. In China, there was a wonderful folkloric monk named Budai. Budai was short and overweight, whereas Siddhartha Gautama (known to the world as Buddha) was tall and most probably slender according to historical accounts. Who did Rael describe?

[Read more testimony of Sage Ali]

Fact Check: Real Buddha was never fat... "Laughing Fat Buddha" has been an image exclusive to Chinese Buddhism. (not the original Buddhism)
Buddha made the transition to fat Buddha when the religion moved from India into Asia; in Asia, and especially in China. The statues of Buddha himself (Siddhartha) are remarkably consistent in their look, and all of them are thin...

"No man has a good enough memory to make a successful liar."       - Abraham Lincoln

Testimony of journalist Jean-Jacques Arene
(Rael's childhood friend, Excerpts from Le Progres de Lyon on 16 Jan 2003)

Le Progres de Lyon on 16 Jan 2003 "The Extra-Terrestrials, we invented them one evening in 1973 when we had good drinks with meal close to the place Gaillard in downtown of Clemont-Ferrand. We were three, and Claude Vorilhon was very impressed when Franck Messegue told him how his father made a fortune. He had just his journal Autopop, which was agony."
"At that time, I was twenty years old. We were band of fifty to go out in Clemont-Ferrand. We were hanging out to the same pubs, the same clubs connected of the moment. The evening of good drinks with meal, we had passed the night to be delirious on a hoax that we could launch. The idea of the Extra-Terrestrials came from Franck. The tranquil place close to Puy de Dome I suggested him, between Puy de la Vache and that of Lassolas, in remembering that I went out on a motocycle."
"For us, it was for laughing. Not for Claude. The next day he went to the editorial of La Montagne, to tell 'his' story. He was dismissed. When things didn't work out as planned (Des que la mayonnaise a pris), he left Clemont-Ferrand, and the people who knew. I remember that he was fascinated by the success of Maurice Messegue, who made a fortune with the herbs. His son explained, dissected the method of his father, and Vorilhon hadn't lost crumbs."

Note: La Montagne is the same journal that the conference was held by and given by Jean Sendy in Clemont-Ferrand on 4th March 1974.

[See the article in Le Progres de Lyon on 16 Jan 2003]

Testimony of Charles Guillaume
(Still living in Clermont-Ferrand & acquaintance with Claude Vorilhon. E-mail sent to Jean-Denis Saint-Cyr in April 2012)

I was born in Clermont-Ferrand and I am supporting you, for I used to be acquainted with Mr. Vorilhon when we were young, along with the son of a very rich and famous phytotherapist. I can't remember exactly the name of the pub where we used to meet on Gaillard Square (it was either "Le Commerce" or "L'Union") but I do remember well that on "hazy" evenings, the conversations of our small group would often be focused on extra-terrestrials.

Just once, Vorilhon suddenly looked thoughtful and stern and said something like "What a brilliant idea!"

Later on, I heard through some of his friends, also fans of car-race, that his magazine called "Autopop" had collapsed, but I did not really care, as I was by then married and a father. Last time I heard about him, before he became Rael, was about his new look, hippie style, with something rather freakish about him. Maybe he'd been taking LSD, anyway I did not pay much attention, for he was only a vague and remote pub acquaintance. Yet years later, when his scandalous fraud came out, I remembered that moment of his sudden and pensive remoteness, while everybody else was laughing about little green men. For me it was obvious evidence that he had been cheating!

When I eventually picked up his book, with its schoolboy drawings, while I already had an LCD watch, I found him quite backward technologically speaking, with his needle meters on flying saucers! Moreover, at that time, Gong had already long ago written "Flying Teapot", which was by far more imaginative...
Please go on with your struggle against that person devoid of any feeling. Warmest regards.

Charles Guillaume, still living in Clermont-Ferrand.
At that time, I was a trainer for deaf and dumb children at Les Gravouses. I can even mention that I used to live on top of the Bar de la Lune, which still exists.

[Read: Original message in French]

Testimony/TV Interview of Roland Chevaleyre
(Roland Chevaleyre claims that he was childhood friend of Rael, but Rael denies)

Dude, you can find the interview videos below on this page. Roland: "And just that evening we ate together at a restaurant, so we went into deep discussion, and I posed straight up the question, and he answered me, 'Yes I lied I lied to you (yes what?) I can tell you I lied to you, but you knew it anyway, it's nothing you didn't already know,' it simply happened like that, and what I blame Claude for, I told him so I can talk about it, 'I blame you for using people to get wealthie,' because you know very well he confessed me very sincerely that he had never met small green man over there but that he is now what he is because people who believed him helped him to get to that position."

The article about Rael's lawsuit against Roland Chevaleyre and Rael's defeats. Roland: "I remember the last time he came to Ambert, well, he had a gorgeous girl, to be honest anyway, well, and me I am not beside neither, well, it's true that visually speaking she is the girl we can be attached very quickly, but, and the evening Claude told me, well, 'you go back to your home,' well, good yes I go back to my home, good, yes, I go back to my home because me I'm divorced I go back to my home I'm alone well, 'take take my girl friend and later tomorrow we try Ferrari, you will bring her back,' but it was for pure love for me to have pleasure... and the girl..."

Journalist: He treated (inaudible) his girl friend (inaudible) like he lend his car what?

Roland: "And the girl he was with didn't even respond to make a move which means I grab her hand and I bring, I think there it is better to leave her inside of Ferrari first, or on the side of the road and go for a Ferrari tour, it was more, because take advantage of someone who mentally listen to her prophet that much, I believe that it wasn't interested me at all."

Note: Translated word for word, and the interview videos of these can be found below on this page.
Related links: About so called "Confessions" by Rael,   The article about Rael's lawsuit against Roland Chevaleyre and Rael's defeats. (French)

Testimony of Marie-Paul Christine, ex-wife of Claude Vorilhon Rael
(Article on Mail on Sunday on 12 Jan 2003)

Testimony of Marie-Paul Christine, ex-wife of Claude Vorilhon Rael "I was married to clone cult leader Rael 15 years. He wrecked my life and our children's."

He destroyed my life and our children's lives. They were so young and innocent. They should never have been exposed to the debauched and wicked things that went on in our home.

The kids believed him . . . they'd had it drummed into them since before they could talk. What he did to them was hateful - he devastated their lives. No child should be expected to witness adult nudity and exist in an environment so close to people having orgies.

I don't blame them for hating me. I am partly responsible because I didn't get them away from him. But Claude had some sort of psychological grip on me that I couldn't shake off.

I believed the children needed a father and every day of their lives I prayed he would stop being Rael and become Claude again, but he never did.

He is a very cynical, manipulative and charismatic man. I just did not have the strength to leave. Looking back, it is extraordinary what I tolerated.

He was only at home for about half of our marriage. The rest of the time he was travelling the world preaching and gathering disciples. When he was at home he slept with hundreds of women - a new one every day, all pretty young devotees who thought he was some kind of god. He wouldn't stop having sex even if I walked into the room. He made me cook for them and clean up after them.

I thought I had married a fairly ordinary, if slightly egotistical, man. Not a freak. At first I believed that Claude really thought what he was saying was true, but over the years I began to think the whole Raelian movement was a trick to have more sex and to satisfy the enormous ego and need to be worshipped that he had always had.

[See full Testimony of Christine]

A message from ex-employee of Claude Vorilhon Rael
(This e-mail was sent to a French guy who investigated Rael thoroughly and put entire Autopop magazines on his website www.rael.free.fr)

Autopop #24, July, August 1973 Subject: Memories, memories...
Date: Thu, 24 Nov 2005 13:13:35 +0100 (Paris, Madrid)
From: "Dan63" <******@free.fr>

Well, it made me feel funny to see these titles... I had even forgotten the typo used ;o) Thank you for the regeneration of this... what a distant memory ;o)
In general, you sacred a lot of work with this site... Congratulations on all that.

And especially since I personally knew Claude Vorilhon when he was involved in this car review magazine.

With one of my co-workers, we worked for him under contract of photography and layout.

And the last memory I have with him, he was in one side of the office and my friend and I in the other side with a pickaxe handle in our hands trying to make him pay us the sum that he owed us ;o) We were three same concerned over these little miseries.

So, the point is no need to tell you that the personage, is not about to make me believe anything or impress me with his hallucinated revelations...

[See full series of Autopop magazines, and the original message in French]

Testimonials by Former Raelians
  Sage Ali
Testimony of former Raelian guide in L.A., Raelian for 17 years, the testimony contains an excellent research on Rael's books and Jean Sendy's and made some good points about Raelian philosophy and his personal experience how he was "banned" by having a simple question.
  Mark Woodgate
Testimony of former former Raelian and National Guide of New Zealand for 16 years.
  • The E-mail message sent to all Raelians in Oceania by Jarel, continental guide for Oceania, in respond to testimony of Mark Woodgate.
  • Mark Woodgate's reply message to Jarel, official reply to Jarel, in response to Jarel's message.
  • Jean-Denis Saint-Cyr's reply message to Jarel, in response to Jarel's message on accusation of former Raelian guide Jean-Denis Saint-Cyr.
  • Some Thoughts and Observations, e-mail message exchanged between Jean-Denis Saint-Cyr and Mark Woodgate, read in French
  •   Marie-Helene Parent
    Testimony of ex-guide Raelian priest, Raelian for 25 years.
  • A threatning e-mail sent to her by Leon Mellul (current Raelian bishop guide level 5)
  •   Anja Schoenwald
    Former Raelian Anja Schoenwald's facebook page, Raelian for 11 years. Insider information.
  • Anja Schoenwald apostatized from the Raelian Religion
  • My 500,000 English-pound lawsuit-threat from the Raelian Movement
  • "The Order of Rael's Angels" explained
  •   Dominique Saint-Hilaire (English, French)
    Testimony of former French Raelian guide assistant level 3, Raelian for 13 years, her experience, law suit by Rael and Rael's defeats.
        Articles on lawsuits to her by Rael (French):
  • Une ex-raelienne attaquee en justice par le gourou (An ex-Raelian attacked in justice by the Guru
  • Elle ne croit plus au pere Rael, le gourou l'attaque en justice (She doesn't believe in father Rael anymore, the guru attacked her in justice)
  •   France B (English, Google Translate)
    Ex-Raelian woman who was with Rael, Jean-Denis Saint-Cyr and another girl on the day when Rael confessed 2nd time to Jean-Denis Saint-Cyr in Drummondville Quebec. Rael was flirting with these girls to get laid. [Read original in French]
      Ex-Raelian Marie-Julie (English, Google Translate)
      Wonjune LEE
    Korean-Canadian ex-Raelian Wonjune LEE, Raelian for 11 years, served as an assistant for many of Raelian guides in Asia. Owner of this site Raelian.com.
      Other short testimonies in French
    Testimonies in French by former Raelians on Jean-Denis Saint-Cyr's site.

    "A man is judged by his deeds, not by his words. If Rael ever showed me and impressed me with his deeds, maybe, I would still believe in him... despite all this information."
    - A Korean ex-Raelian

    The Books Comparison Between Jean Sendy and Claude Vorilhon Rael

    Download Those Gods Who Made Heaven & Earth (1969) by Jean Sendy
    Download The Coming of the Gods (1970) by Jean Sendy
    Download La Lune Cle de la Bible (1968) by Jean Sendy
    Download L'ere du Verseau (1970) by Jean Sendy
    Download Les Temps Messianiques (1975) by Jean Sendy
    Download Les Cahiers de Cours de Moise (1963) by Jean Sendy
    Download book 'Rael, The Masonic Messiah' by former Raelian Priest
    Download book Aliens Adored: Rael's UFO Religion (2004) by Susan J. Palmer
    The Maitreya: Extracts from his Teachings

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