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Last updated:
27 March 2022

Testimony of ex-Raelian, Marie-Julie B

(A better English translation version will be here soon.)

Original French version can be found here: http://confessions.rael.jeandenissaintcyr.com/fr/rael/rael/temoignage_marie_rael.html

Dear Jean-Denis

It is with an immense pleasure that I share my testimony with your readers. It may not be much compared to yours, but I offer it to you anyway.[1] I contacted Maryse P. but she did not respond. There are issues in her book she arose and which I had the answers when I was friends with Marc R. Rael had been closely inter alia regarding why he had taken a sabbatical. Marc told me that Rael was jailed for statutory rape on the daughter of a policeman and they had shaved his head and deprived him of food. But Marie-Paul does not speak of this event in his testimony, so I do not know if it's true.

When I joined the Raelian movement I lived in Sherbrooke with Marc R. and Joseph C., who are now guides and their spouses. At the time my name was Julie Martine. I changed the course of therapy in Mary Julie. Following my transmission (it's you that I had done) I moved to Montreal for 16 years. I'm back in the Sherbrooke area for 4 years.

I send you some pictures so you replace me. It domage I had one of me with you and Sylvie but I do not find it. The first day of the summer following your movement originates. The second is where I'm sitting to the left of Rael in a Japanese restaurant in Brazil, where I went in company Norberto B. and Bernard L. helping to implement the Rael movement there. The third is at the "Reluctant Messiah", a play that I had mounted to please Rael during my last course and earned me the wrath of it. The last date there is 2 years old.

There was something very powerful and very deep between Rael and I at first, and I believe that it frightened Lisa S. She left him after our trip to Brazil where she seemed, strangely enough, to want to throw me in his arms, for according to what I noted, it seems he was suffocating her. He never let her do anything, never wanted her to come with me and the other Raelians present (there were five of us altogether of which a Japanese and a French) to do the activities. She came with us once in downtown and it looked like a child stuffing themselves with free candy and asking us not to tell Rael what we did together. I have felt like he would not let her eat whatever she wanted and I thought I heard at a dinner he did not want her magnification. He did not leave the men approach her while he gave himself the right to seduce all the women that he wanted. When she did not obey him, he stared at her with "big eyes". She was at his service, obviously. I noted the same thing with his following spouse who was, in my opinion, depersonalized completely in a few months alongside Rael. This was also confirmed to me by one of his best friends, Rapha?lle P. with whom she was doing ballet. The latter I shared how his friend had completely changed personality, boasting of having become the wife of Rael: Rael as she spoke with the same accent with a small voice and dressed very sexy nymphet. I never saw her talk to anyone. She sacrificed her life for him and I find that sad. Besides, this is one of the things that I find most distressing in the Movement: how the people completely lose their critical reasoning and their liberty to think, for a liar.

I always followed Rael wherever I could and I observed him. He had an unbelievable power of attraction over me. I was very close to Antoine C. and Victor L. what I can check my comments and to confirm what I saw because they told me things about Rael, the guides and what was happening on the board, among other Bobby P. Bobby, who boasted of buggering all the girls he wanted. I was his neighbor during a few months on Aylwin Street and he fell pretty low in my esteem. He became the right arm of Rael when you're gone and it was my opinion, a real shame. He despised women to the most and he raped several of them. I know; I went through it. I'll spare you the details. He used his right arm status of Rael to have girls in his bed against their will. Other Raelians attempted the same thing with me, but following my episode with Bobby, I asserted myself more. I also liked that much R?jean P. and protected me sometimes. I know because I was in relation for a few months with Marc F, five years ago. He is for me a man of confidence and he has very fortunately left the Movement shortly after we broke up. He was then level 3 and in charge of all related to technique in the Movement. The girls confided a lot in him, for he was an excellent listener and had a lot of integrity and humanism. And it is him that confirmed me that I had not been the only one to be raped by Bobby. Besides Marc thought that I should have lodged a complaint, except that when you are level 1 and that you are new, you say to yourself that your testimony will not carry any weightˇ¦ I also found out from Marc that Bobby had been excluded from the Movement in a nebulous way. He believed that this followed complaints of girls abused by him. I remember the evening that he attacked me, we were in a car. We were on our way back to Montreal following the celebration of October 7th that had taken place in Quebec City. Suddenly, he grabbed me by the hair and forced me to give him fellatio. I won't go into the details. There were two witnesses and they did not say or do anything. I felt I was less than nothing and I was afraid of being demolished if I spoke. Then I questioned myself: which kind of two-bit prophet can have at his service a being so disgusting, a being without any compassion, without any respect?
Following this event and my trip to Brazil, I withdrew myself and I fasted. I was distressed and disappointed of Rael and I realized that his public image and his private image were not at all the same. I also realized that he did not live as pitifully as he wanted us to believe, on the financial side. He always said that he traveled and lived very modestly. My eye! I saw his hotel room in Brazil. It was a superb suite in an immense luxurious hotel where the Christmas tree in the entry was as big as a twenty storey building! He told me himself that he only traveled in business class and only ate in the best restaurants, and this, of course, at the expenses of his members.
I was also disappointed of him during the seminars, when I saw him hammering at very young girls, wanting only their body and discarding them the next morning. Without scruples, I also saw him leave with the women of his most faithful members, leaving them wounded. How can a man have sexual relations with the women of his best friends and to top if off to make them feel guilty of their jealousy or their sadness? Revolting!
In Brazil, I just found that the conduct and sayings of the Prophet supposedly were not worthy of the title he gave himself. I was amazed to see that it would see the girls he saw from one to ten depending on what they should be good in bed. I was proud at that time not to have been one of her to share her bed. Also because I saw many girls during the internship defeats and disrupting them out of their intimate experience with the "prophet". I say that already he has an incredible influence on his followers; I can hardly imagine the influence he would have had on me if I had had an intimate relationship with him. In short, while I watched his every move and all his words. I also found he had no respect for those who were displaced from different countries to come and help establish the movement in Brazil. He treated them as objects and slaves. It blubbering about everything, he was contemptuous. He was even offended that be with him at the restaurant, it bothered him. He also told me at that moment that I would always in his heart and he thanked me for the "feed". He was aware that I was still running around and he loved it, it was feeding. Indeed, he had to feed my energy because when I left, I was always completely empty and I also lost weight several pounds. It seems that I vampirisation. He also remembered he said, that first time he saw me at your house one morning when I met you to settle technicalities for my first internship. He liked my intensity and my eyes. He also liked the fact that I looked like a young girl despite my 20 years. He could make love to me without statutory rape. Yet this did not prevent him from being contemptuous to me. But I still thank him for having gone to Brazil. I saw there his dictatorial side, notably that it was necessary that things go exactly as he wanted it; otherwise he would let us be known in a manner somewhat cheapish. It seemed to me that in Brazil, he had disconnected from his role of prophet to return to his normal self. I also found out that he always gave the impression that he meditated continually and also fasted, while it is completely false. He said that he did not put in practice what he taught. I will not tell all my observations and the fruit of my research, for Maryse P. has done it very well and better than me in her book, Rael thief of souls, that I recommend you if you have not already read it. For I believe that yes, he is a soul thief. I came to Rael because I believed that what he said of the Bible was true. But when I actually read the Bible, all became clear: he is not just an impostor and a liar, he is downright against Christ. Besides in Hebrew "el" very well means God but "ra" means bad. It is the evil. It is at the exact opposites of the teachings of the Bible, that besides, he has poorly transcribed in his books. He even pushes the arrogance of taking the place of Jesus who is identified very clearly in the Bible as the unique Messiah, the true Savior and he denigrates the fact that the Christ died on the cross for the love of humanity. When one reads the Gospel, one notes that Jesus was solely love and compassion while Rael is only an arrogant being who likes to shock people and that he is full of ego. He very well likes who he wants when he wants. He likes especially the people that adulate him and think like him. He is revengeful. When one really knows the Bible, of which he says he has the meaning, one knows straightaway that this man is against what it teaches.

I was in the movement only 4 years. When you're gone it was about a year since I was a part. I lived in Helena L. and Wolfgang B. and it gave me a shock to learn the news by Wolfgang because I loved you very much. The reasons were very unclear as many things and decisions in the movement in my opinion. I was very involved in the movement and I made four summer internships in Valcourt, the last which was still under construction. My first two courses were fine but for the last 2 is another story. At my last internship before I presented the play The Little Prince by St. Exupery. What had ammen?e to be in contact with his daughter and Marinda R. melody playing the little prince and with the convicted pedophile Peter D. (which has been in prison for pedophilia but also you are perhaps current). This bothered me a lot to see at work this pedophile who showed me pictures of naked girls, including Melody and me about his escapades in love with girls under 5 years. I also reviewed when I went out with Marc F. 5 years ago. I was surprised he had rejoined the movement. Rael worked with him, knowing who it was. And Peter told me that Rael approved it. In any case it did not seem to bother him. Me, I was very uncomfortable. It really bothers me. Rael was at that time his music album "Elohim." And I was involved with Daniel H. who also looked after my music plays. I saw again how Rael was with those who worked for him tirelessly and without counting the hours. I heard Rael denigrate the music of Daniel and Peter and I said shit, they work for him for free, it could show a little consideration or at least a little tact! But on the other hand I was so mesmerized by it as I went over and said to myself as we are often repeated in the movement: it would make us work on ourselves!

Today, I watch it and tell myself that this man is dangerous. I was extremely innocent, very naive and very unwell and this man made me believe it was nothing less than the brother of Jesus! He had an incredible influence on me! When I saw I was floating on a cloud. Until that trip to Brazil where he appeared to me not as a prophet but as an ordinary man, imbued with himself and arrogant. And again I saw him on stage in the course and I was disturbed. I was "brainwashed". Last year I was in the movement had one foot in the door. I left all my committees. I met a friend who was Lise L. of hypnosis and who said that Rael was a sort of group hypnosis. Following the success of "The Little Prince" last summer I decided to mount "The Reluctant Messiah" by Richard Bach as Rael had spoken as one of his favorite books. Because I still loved him and wanted to please him. I did audition and I had spent my team from the son of Lisa L., Hugo. Take affected me what to be friends with Lisa L. and Victor L. They thought that my adaptation of "Messiah" was wonderful and it would perhaps open our eyes to Rael on some things they accused him, among other things, this boundless adulation he demanded of its members and haughty attitudes and contrary to the messages. Around February I wanted to quit the movement because I could not go because of everything I tell above and especially because of the attitude of Rael and Bobby. I did not like the attitude of the Raelians in general. But Lisa and Victor convinced me one that I should not leave before having found my "Reluctant Messiah." That this should be a duty for me to go through with this project. They put great importance, perhaps too much, Meli and have several people including Marie-Helene P., Antoine C., Marielle Marie D. and Marcelle G. So, thinking I was almost with a mission given by my guide, continental, I put the project forward. Unless the meantime, Lisa L. had written a book which displeased strongly Rael who called it making a mad mystic delirium. What m'ammena to be called the disciplinary board or council of elders, I do not know too much. And they'll be done drooled. For me, I was just doing another drama with a book that Rael said he loved very much. I felt I pass by the Gestapo. Okay, I exaggerate. But still, I thought it was exaggerated. They accused me of being friends with Lisa and asked me lots of questions: what I thought of Rael, who it was and full of questions about Lisa and Victor. I do not really understand why the timing Rael was so afraid of his image and that Lisa had written, in my opinion was not serious. They finally believed me. So, although closely watched, I did my thing on stage. And I got a standing ovation. Of course, Rael, with his usual lack of respect came out before the end of the room, upsetting everyone. Strangely, is it really a coincidence, he was released when the Messiah is killed by a gunshot to the chest. Although I received a standing ovation for several minutes, Rael apostrophize me the very next day for free by telling me that my room was zero compared to my masterpiece of The Little Prince the previous year, he said. I do not know exactly why he wanted me so much but it has never been the same with me thereafter. But I'm more relied on the opinion of many people who have f?l?cit?s than his own. The training guide that followed was horrible because at the end of the course of awakening, many people including Victor, Lisa, Marie-Marcelle, Antoine, Marie-H?l?ne, myself and some others have been publicly cited as an example person having diverted message or treason or something more, something like that, brief as an example not to follow. This was very humiliating, and what, for me, was a flagrant lack of neighborly love and consideration. For me, a prophet can not possibly do so. Rael and I found orgeuilleux infant. I was d?goutt?e. My friends avoided me during the course guide, except, of course my real friends: Victor, Lisa and some others. I was again summoned to the disciplinary board because I witnessed about a Rael Raelian who suspected pedophile because he was with Sophie, who was underage at the time. I was stunned to see how we could not say anything about Rael without ending up before the council. They asked me to testify against her.

On returning from the internship, I resigned. Then followed some of my friends including Victor L. We formed a kind of small goup of dissidants and wrote letters to inform the movement of things that were against the posts or not very correct, among other behavior Rael. I can not remember everything they told me but Victor and Lisa told me a lot about their disappointment with the behavior of the prophet. But actually it was more the thoughts of Victor and Lisa L. I wrote and the one who paid the postage. It was she and Victor were more updated of what was happening in the council and in the guides. (I also know that a certain Mr. Baril did the same thing later because I received some of her letters and heard the recording of the telephone conversation he had with Rael). After some months I got fed up of this group. I thought it disjunctive, at one point, when they went to Tripp about the prophecies of Ann Catherine E. I thought it was beginning to feel the mythomania. I won. I thought they were all thinking that Rael mythomaniacs we spoke of them in the Bible and some prophecies. I speak here only of Lisa and Victor. I then made a kind of private retreat where I no longer wanted anything to anyone. I went back to school and I made therapies.

I am interested in groups such as Gnostics, galact?us and Buddhists. I've always been a researcher of truth. Therefore I very much wanted to Rael. I've wanted him for having deceived me of brainwashing and having done so to my friends Raelians. It's hard to leave the Raelians because you lose most of your friends at once. You gotta know what I mean. You become a pariah. The only Raelian who remained my friend Jean-Francois Cyr. Until recently. I no longer want to be friends because I find it too in the image of the movement: brainwashed, unable to think for himself, elitist, and above all, arrogant and contemptuous. They pronnent tolerance for themselves but are unable TOLERANCE towards other beliefs.

5 years ago, I reconnected with some Raelians during therapy that I was in psycho-physio. I had things my rule against Rael and movement. All in all, I was eleven years in and out of therapy. I may not have been Raelian very long but I was profoundly affected. This is not the only reason I did therapy, but at some point it came out. I released a few months with Marc F. I was invited to the celebration of December 13 by Jean-Fran?ois and it made me feel funny to see people after a couple of years. It's weird that I find myself close to the Raelians time of my life where I'm most banged up. I was surprised about many things as the history of angels Rael not to say his harem, cloning, calling himself and all his holiness. I found that her story changed over time and that he arranged to suit his fantasies. I started dating Mark, who I found, had changed for the better, unlike my other friends who had become imbued Raelians themselves and contemptuous. I find it very sad indeed that Lisa and Victor is still clinging to Rael despite everything they did. I did my best to educate him and Marc showed another side of the coin. Try also to make him find his critical sense and his ability to think for himself. We went to the funeral of Real T. where I had to test what I felt for Rael request of my therapist. I found it pathetic. I did not feel anything for him other than pity. To my great relief he did not recognize me (it's true that I had a lot of weight), tripp him who had so much on me as it upset his wife. I was ashamed for them before the family of Dir. I even sought the reaction of scary when Rael Raelians came. I thought they were crazy. They screamed, jumped and adored the guy like it was a real god. They drank his words were lies enormous. At the same time I am reminded I am tripping hard too in time. Rael has become infallible, he deplores yet at the Catholic Pope. But worse is the lack of respect that the family had to attend R?al all this in addition to learn that Real has left everything to Rael and see that it was inhumane as a clown and everyone had a clown nose and turned the thing into ridicule. Heartbreaking.

I completed at that time a degree in visual arts, so I had access to the library or uqam I am much documented. I'm still quite kept updated of what was happening in the movement always asking me how crap they were still inventing. When something on the cloned baby has been the media, I could do myself more. I do not understand why the media embarked in such a scam. For me it was obvious that it was a scam. I read the books of Maryse P., Martin B., Bridget M., your book and last week's blog Rolland D. That's when I knew you'd done the show on Fr2.

I no longer wanted to Rael. I think however that it must be denounced and I think your testimony will be a lot of weight. Finally I hope. I was bewildered by my passage in the movement that barely lasted 4 years so I guess that it must be for those who were coasted closer and longer. Some have devoted their lives! And all this on a lie! It took me years to find myself and get rid of these false beliefs. I am still amazed at the potential impact on people Rael.

Finally, I tried to be brief even though there would still have plenty to say. I do not know if that can serve your project but you do not particularly gene if you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them.


Julie Marie

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