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Last updated:
27 March 2022

Jean-Denis reply to Mark Woodgate (Sep 2011)

Email subject: Some Thoughts and Observations

Hi Jean-Denis

How are you? How is your new book coming along?

I just wanted to share some thoughts and observations with you:

As you know, last year I undertook extensive research regarding Rael's authenticity. This was prompted by the discovery of Jean Sendy's books which contained incredible similarities and 'co-incidences' with Rael's books...

After I sent my letter of resignation late last year, I received some replies from the Raelians in regard to the events that took place in 1984. In other words, they questioned the context of Rael's admission when he revealed to you that he had not been contacted by the Elohim and that he had made up the whole story.

For example, many Raelians believe that his admission to you was the result of tremendous stress which followed his marital separation, that he was not of sound mind and wanted to renounce his role as messenger of the Elohim. (or that it was a test of some kind - however you have already answered to this on your website and in your book)

Although you have shared in your book the series of events that took place in 1984 (and with me personally) , I think it is important for the Raelians to understand the circumstances under which Rael made his admission - and that there was more than one admission.
Perhaps you will add more detail in your second book?

I also wanted to share an observation that I made in recent years. It became increasingly apparent that Rael was not attending some of the seminars. And when he was present at a seminar he would often cancel some of his teachings at the last moment due to health problems. I was later told at a guides meeting that Rael had ongoing stomach problems, and more precisely, an ulcer...

This is interesting for a couple of reasons:

1) Rael admitted in his first book that after his 'first encounter' he developed an ulcer which he says was the result of the stress of being chosen as the messenger of the Elohim..

2) There is a clear mind-body connection between thoughts and physical manifestations of health/ sickness. For example, ulcers are attributed to repressed emotions and unresolved feelings of fear and resentment.

As Rael lives with this internal contradition I believe his symptoms continue to manifest in the form of ill health.

In regards to the likelihood of Rael ever confessing;

As we both know, Rael is a very charismatic and intelligent man, however I am sure that the likelihood of him confessing is close to zero. For the sake of his lifestyle, and to retain the financial and emotional support of the Raelians, he needs to continue to keep up appearances and play the role of "messiah."
After playing the role for so long I suspect the only way he can retain his sanity is to continue to believe his lie. It's also possible that he derives comfort from the belief that he is somehow contributing to the greater good. (see more insights into the psychopathy and characteristics of a cult leader here http://www.dannyhaszard.com/captivehearts.htm )

What is clearly evident is that since these revelations came to come to pass (thanks to your disclosure and subsequent investigations from long standing Raelians) the Raelian Movement is in serious decline. However, we're also aware of Raelians who know the truth (or have their suspicions) who turn a blind eye to this information or anything that is contrary to their paradigms. In this instance it is because they do not want to lose their Raelian friendships - any many will choose to stay for the teachings. (However as we know, these have been derived from the teachings of Osho and other philosophies)

Finally, I am sure that many Raelians view us as enemies. Being true to the recommendations of the Movement the Guides assert not to have contact with us as they do not want to be tainted by our 'negativity.' The paradox here is that they forget our previous involvement with the Movement, that as former Raelians we act out of genuine concern. The essence of who we are has not changed -we have only chosen to become more informed.

For me I acknowledge that the majority of teachings hold value - that is not in dispute. I also commend the Raelians for their actions relating to equality and standing up for human rights.

The real tragedy here is that many Raelians will spend the better part of their lives devoted to the idea that Rael is the final prophet and they will continue to provide donations toward the 'embassy.'

The question I ask is, will they have the emotional strength and stability needed for the eventual revelation that Rael is not the man they believed him to be?

When you have a moment, it would be great to know your thoughts on these matters.

I hope you are well.

Mark Woodgate

ps: Let me know if you have plans to translate your books to English.

Jean-Denis reply:

Hello Mark,

Thank you for your comments.

In reply to your question about correspondence received from Raelians regarding:

1) The events of 1984 and the belief that Rael was in a bad state of mind after the separation from his spouse

2) The belief that Rael admitted his lie was because he was influenced by a huge anxiety and because he doubted his "credit worthiness" as messenger of the Elohim."

Mark, the Raelians justify their devotion and their sympathy to Rael, however they don't always accept the truth. Rather, they accept what suits them as the truth. These are people who refuse to admit the realities that disturb them.

In 1984, when Claude Vorilhon told me he never had contact with any extraterrestrials, he was in full possession of his faculties. He began by asking to talk to me 'man to man' (in other words, don't tell anyone about our conversation) Then, he confessed that he had never met with any extraterrestrials.

Claude observed that it was hard for me to believe that he was not "my" prophet, and he certainly understood how indoctrinated I had become. (like many other Raelians who were and are convinced of his identity)

Overall his admissions to me relieved his conscience, but at the same time, Rael assured me that the creation of his fiction was well established amongst the Raelians. This helped to ensure the "credibility" of his lie. He needed to know whether he was justified to continue to tell his invented story to make money, or stop.

Certainly he looked pitiful, but I can testify that at the time he was 'sane.' I would hear him speak to his wife on the phone, he would yell and insult her however he was NOT divorced. In fact, five months later, my partner and I met with him in the south of France under a 'veil of secrecy' and he was living with his wife and two young children.

Also, as I explain in my book, in July 1984, everyday Rael was asking me to find French newspapers in order to monitor the rates of the stock market. When the stock market values were questionable he phoned a friend in Switzerland. So I can assure you that he was 'sane' at the time.

Then, with a casual air, after worrying his members by his absence at the two annual training sessions of 1984, he was delighted to be applauded by his faithful followers on his return to the stage. Yes, he had all his senses. And he enthroned me, no doubt, as bishop guide (level 5) to thank me for not having spoken with the members about the explosive secrets he had made.

Three years later, and in 'sound mind' he confirmed to me in a boastful tone by whispering in my ear on a country road, that his encounter story with the extraterrestrials was a hoax. Yes, he was in full possession of all his senses, and he chose to brag about it on the sly.

On the other hand, when a Raelian is confronted by a reality that does not suit him, he does not want to face that reality. Therefore there is an uneasy feeling and a weakness caused by this harmful indoctrination. So, not to admit that reality becomes a denial of the truth.

So, let's go back in time. In 1973, a 'sane' Claude Rael knocked on the door of the local newspaper, La Montagne in the centre of France to tell his following a boozing night with his friends who had thought to start a hoax about extraterrestrials.

And had he not been in 'his right mind' when he bamboozled and fooled an artist from Quebec in order to remove several hundred thousands dollars from this artist? Therefore when is Rael 'sane?' For example, was of 'sound mind' when he lied about the announcement of the cloned babies. He lied - and continues to lie- in full possession of his spirit.

He also had a 'sound mind' when he acknowledged to Roland Chevaleyre that he had invented everything. As for me, I think the truth will always win. It is only a matter of time. Our actions reflect who we are.

On another subject, as you have noticed it Mark, it's not for nothing that Rael is suffering from stomach ulcers and that he often misses training sessions for "health reasons."

For now he continues to defraud his disciples and continues with his fiction. When he is too well known in a country, he changes continent. After all, if he cannot live off his lies without the followers who support him. Of course, there will always be those who will believe what they want to believe. They do not care about the truth.

In closing I would like to say that you are right - we are not the enemies of the Raelians.

With regards to my second book, it is complete, but I leave it to 'ripen' before I present it to my editor. A first reading is in process at this moment. Besides, I will add the content of this e-mail to my manuscript.

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