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Last updated:
27 March 2022

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I feel really sorry for some former Raelians, who completely ruined their lives after joining the Raelian Movement, may even get angrier by seeing the jokes that I used on this site.

The reason is that visiting my own site is enough to make me sick too, because this site leads me to think that the con-man is still out there lying and saying that he will continue to lie until his last breath, I had to put some jokes and laugh myself to create this site.

Without your support (not monetary support) or feedback, it's really hard to keep working on things which make only negative neurons in my brain (My other ex-Raelian friends seem don't care, but for me, yes, it makes negative neurons.) Your simple kind word really can cheer me up.

Many thanks to Jean-Denis Saint-Cyr and Anja Schoenwald for informing the truth for the first time in 2009 and continue to devote great time to inform the truth for others not to get in the trap. They really made a big difference. Yet, I'm not a such a person. All I'm doing is just try to reap what I have sown for 11 years. Yet, I have no intention to reap more than what I have sown.

This site will keep going on with or without your donation of doughnut. It will only make me work more often, happily.

I think the information on this site is more than enough for English people to see what is the truth on Claude Vorilhon Rael and Raelian Movement. However, if you want to see more information translated into other languages, give me some feedback or donate a doughnut.
Most of visitors here are so shy or so clandestine, I have no idea if I'm doing a good job or not.

The Books Comparison Between Jean Sendy and Claude Vorilhon Rael

Download Those Gods Who Made Heaven & Earth (1969) by Jean Sendy
Download The Coming of the Gods (1970) by Jean Sendy
Download La Lune Cle de la Bible (1968) by Jean Sendy
Download L'ere du Verseau (1970) by Jean Sendy
Download Les Temps Messianiques (1975) by Jean Sendy
Download Les Cahiers de Cours de Moise (1963) by Jean Sendy
Download book 'Rael, The Masonic Messiah' by former Raelian Priest
Download book Aliens Adored: Rael's UFO Religion (2004) by Susan J. Palmer
The Maitreya: Extracts from his Teachings

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