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10 July 2020

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184.By cl (chunchenling at yahoo d0t com) from ROC 2013-04-07
To abbas: It is very easy to be a member. Just go to the website and find out the person in charge. Call this person or send a letter to this person. If you get response from this person, then you can get in.
183.By abbas (abas335 at yahoo d0t com) from ahvaz-iran 2013-04-06
hi there its about 2 weeks i sent a message to one of raelian site for get help to be a member or how can i be a member cause i like to think about future by new mind warmest regards ABBAS
182.By cl (chunchenling at yahoo d0t com) from ROC 2013-03-19
I think Raelians should wake up and see if Rael is really trustworthy. His past records show the fact that Raelian should not follow this person blindly. His CNN interview is simply a joke.His 2015 prediction is going to become another joke soon. For thos Raelains who still think no there is not right to question RAel' behavior, it is time to really wake up. This person misleads people many times. He does not assume any damages caused by his wrong prediction. But you will be responsible for your own suffer.
181.By cl (chunchenling at yahoo d0t com) from ROC 2013-03-17
After reading the latest 2015 prediction, I think I have to say something. Basically, none of his past predicitons such as UFO sightings have ever been realized. This 2015 is very unlikly to happen. Why? Science has not even advanced to any degree at the moment. So how can you remove currency if robots are not advanced enough ? Any reasonable people will not believe within 2 years robots can be that advanced. Hence, I think this 2015 prediction will become another joke. I want to know how other people think of his 2015 prediction. Please leave some comments.
180.By Anja Schoenwald (heal_now at yahoo d0t com) from Los Angeles 2012-12-11
Regarding RAEL's "Embassy for the Elohim" or really re-building Solomon's Temple = First Temple: Page 17 of 414 of RAEL's "Intelligent Design" e-book: "Since their [Elohim's] first embassy on Earth was Jerusalem's first temple, they have asked for their new modern embassy to be built as close as possible to that most ancient of all cities in the heart of Israel." and on page 392 of 414 of RAEL's "Intelligent Design" e-book: "The first temple of the Jewish religion was in fact a previous embassy around which the ancient city was built. The Elohim are now waiting for the State of Israel to grant such extra-territorial status for the new embassy - the third temple ..."
179.By Anja Schoenwald (heal_now at yahoo d0t com) from Los Angeles, USA 2012-10-30
Who really designed Rael's mission? Jean Sendy apparently has inspired many of RAEL's Bible transcriptions, but how about RAEL's mission? (Re-building "Solomon's Temple" which would be the "Third Temple" as RAEL called the "Elohim's Embassy", and the "New World Order compatible agenda points" like the Freemasons? Read the free transcripts, or listen to the free MP3 downloads of "New Order of Barbarians". http://100777.com/nwo/barbarians Highly manipulative agenda points against the people from a lecture to about 80 doctors on March 20, 1969. (Seems compatible with cult-leader RAEL's mission. Read and compare carefully with RAEL's free e-books.) Tapes 1 + 2 are the recollections of "Dr. Lawrence Dunegan" that were recorded in 1988, almost 20 years after the actual lecture. By cross-researching online forums, one can find comments of other attendants or their relatives. The lecturer Dr. Richard Day was identified in tape 3.   
178.By ccl (chungchenling at yahoo d0t com) from ROC 2012-10-30
I think I should explain more about Elohim. Most people will think they will send a perfect person who really looks like a messenger. However, I think that is because most people do not understand Elohim. They like to play games. What they like to do is sending someone who is a person not of any messgener quality. They wil arrange things to mess him up so that he is definitly not a successful person. This person will not be a successful businessman.... As a result, just do not think Rael is definitely a fake. He may have been sending some messages. But people should not listen to him all the time. You should have your own judgement. Do not expect him to be perfect too.
177.By kmarinas86 (kamarinas at uh d0t edu) Visit this dude's homepage from Space City, USA 2012-10-29
"Doesn't it seem flawed logic that Rael only likes 'beautiful women'? Wouldn't a 'perfect culture' have all kinds of people with diverse intelligences and physical features? No need to ans. that[...]" Actually, I don't agree with your first sentiment, so I feel that I should answer. Where is the logic that says that it is illogical to have a preference on terms of gender and/or beauty? We do not have to "like" (which, in the sense you are putting it, seems to mean "feel sexual attraction for") everybody in the same manner. There is brotherly love, motherly love, and romantic love. It's *not illogical* to *not* feel romantic love with everyone we meet, you know. Diversity and preferences are not exclusive; diverse people have diverse preferences. Just because Rael "likes" only what he sees as beautiful women (btw, in what sense?) doesn't mean others cannot prefer different. None of this is "logic" anyway. Love is more about feeling, not so much about thinking.
176.By PZang (pink01penqin at yahoo d0t com) from Newark, CA, USA 2012-10-28
Thank you for being so honest and analytical. I was curious about the term 'Raelian" and connected theories. Sadly, you have reminded me of financial, sexual and spiritual predators that prey on people's sincere desires to have a higher spiritual life. I feel very vulnerable. THANK YOU FOR SENDING A MESSAGE THAT GUARDS MY HEART! I feel great sorrow for the people who were victimized by this 'false prophet'. It seems that power comes from exploiting trusting people aand using them for sex and money. Question: Doesn't it seem flawed logic that Rael only likes "beautiful women"? Wouldn't a 'perfect culture' have all kinds of people with diverse intelligences and physical features? No need to ans. that- it was rhetorical. Diversity is nature's strength. Thank you again for the warning.
175.By ccl (chungchenling at yahoo d0t com) from ROC 2012-10-23
I want to leave my message again. To the best of knowledge, I am not aware of any chatroom settings here. However, most debaters come back to leave messages frequently. You can debate with them via this means.
174.By mart (kozrak at lineone d0t net) from uk 2012-10-22
interesting , i like to debate this futher , is thier a chat room?
173.By cl (chungchenling at yahoo d0t com) from ROC 2012-09-26
I want to leave my comment again. The good thing is both sides finally use more scientific method to analyze DNA sample of Rael. I think it is a good start. Instead of wasting time on arguing the similarity of books, I think DNA study will be much more objective. Raelian should come to this side to join discussion of the DNA data. For a group which advocates science, I think it is unimaginable not to take part in the DNA study of Rael DNA sample.
172.By zanaelf the ET hybrid (zwitterelf at sky d0t com) Visit this dude's homepage from uk 2012-09-22
Wonjune, thanks, dont know Korean, but shoved it in a translator, still cant find the DNA data
Wonjune (2012-09-25): http://cafe.daum.net/noRael/S1mQ/1936 Korean ex-Raelian team explained some data. Recently KRM (Korean Raelian Movement) admitted the fact that ex-Raelian team analyzed Claude Vorilhon’s DNA sample, however, KRM said that the analyzing method is wrong and it doesn’t proof anything. The debate is going on for explaining the result and method. Those two articles can be found on their internet forums http://cafe.daum.net/iloveufo (KRM) and http://cafe.daum.net/noRael (ex-Raelian) However, KRM internet forum is accessible only by Raelians.
171.By kmarinas86 (kamarinas at uh d0t edu) Visit this dude's homepage from Space City, USA 2012-09-15
"So the movement is technically 'fake'. The Sendy link is there and quite sound. So, Alien civilization is true then?" Using the same ideas that someone else used is not a way of proving those ideas false. The jet engine was invented independently by two people: "Dr. Hans von Ohain" and "Sir Frank Whittle" (Source: inventors DOT about DOT com/library/inventors/bljetengine.htm). It is not impossible that two people can come up with similar ideas without communicating directly, and it is most certainly not uncommon. It happens everyday, when a person finds out that their idea was "already" invented. Ever thought of (or heard about) something you thought was new to the world only to find out *later* that someone else thought of it (or heard about it) already? Yeah, it's like that. It certainly does not disprove anything. The last time I checked, the engine with two independent inventors was a working device used everyday in planes costing 100's of millions of dollars each.
170.By zanaelf (zwitterelf at sky d0t com) Visit this dude's homepage from some cunt tree 2012-09-08
Where is the Data to this ?? -->> "South Korean ex-Raelian team has analyzed Claude Vorilhon's DNA sample a while ago, due to his carelessness many ex-Raelians, especially women have his sample. Without comparing his father side gene; however, the result shows that his gene is nothing special but just a normal European guy. "
Wonjune (2012-09-10): http://cafe.daum.net/noRael Korean ex-Raelian team exmplained some data, however, it has too many technical terms I won't translate and put it here. Stay tuned. They will open the entire data whenever they think the time is right.
169.By Justin (terry at spies d0t es) from Spain 2012-08-23
So the movement is technically "fake". The Sendy link is there and quite sound. So, Alien civilization is true then?
168.By Vishal sharma (acet d0t vishal at gmail d0t com) from delhi,india 2012-07-19
the people of the other external physical things you blame for the feeling you experience .....are just excuses....the only one who is WRONG is the person who FEELS that way and experience sadness and depression....
167.By cl (chungchenling at yahoo d0t com) from ROC 2012-07-18
I have not left any messages for a while. I want to responsd to the AZ messages. I think within 5 years, Rael can be known for sure he is fake or not. The society should have dramatically changes otherwise it is not likely to catch up 2035 dealine. We should see scientific advancements in the next 5 years. Time is not very long. Just wait.
166.By AZ (az at hotmail d0t com) from Arizona 2012-07-18
How long do you realistically think Rael and the Raelian movement have before the whole group just falls apart?
165.By ccl (chungchenling at yahoo d0t com) from ROC 2011-12-29
By observing Rael's behavior recently, I found that he is strongly against society. Now he seems to be more close to all kinds of minorities and he seems to be more supportive of dictator type regime. In my opinion, I think he feels suppressed for such a long time and thus he feels more sympathetic to those minorities. Even though I do agree with him on many of the minorities he supports, I do think he needs to work on science more. Otherwise , he will be even more supprresed.

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The Books Comparison Between Jean Sendy and Claude Vorilhon Rael

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