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Last updated:
10 July 2020

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224.By Claris Awa (clarisawa66 at gmail d0t com) from Atlanta Georgia USA 2020-05-03
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223.By Vishal Sharma (acet d0t vishal at gmail d0t com) from Amritsar, India 2019-12-04
Hi, My Name is Vishal Sharma. I have been Raelian since 9 years. Being a Raelian, i have viewed my life and the life of people around me from different angle. It has been beautiful to become a Raelian. I have felt that many Alien wars has been going on below Earth and above Earth. There are many alien races that are evil and they want to dominate earth. Thanks to this Rael message that made my life more beautiful. With this message, i am becoming free. By crticizing Rael, i have been indulging again myself in fake world where people hate each other, pull each other leg, play politics in workplace, etc. Remember one thing, Only Love is Eternal and nothing else. Regards, Vishal Sharma
222.By Anja (heal_now at yahoo d0t com) from USA 2019-10-28
Google: The Most Disturbing Details From the NXIVM Sex-Cult Case Plus, Google: 'Sex Cults' and read up. According to ex-Raelian testimonies and Rael's estranged family members ... money, ego, and sexual favors was Rael's primary reason for creating his Raelian Cult. Mutual interest in extraterrestrials, UFOs, origin of life, and other information that can be found all over the internet, helped to create and maintain the Raelian Cult. If somebody wants to know the origin of life, the free 'Ascention Papers' download on the Zingdad.com website explains it rather well in my opinion, and no cult has to be joined.
221.By Jones Mia (agbawoshow at gmail d0t com) from New York 2019-04-05
Divorce and marital breakthrough save your marriage / relationship from breakup and Divorce? you can contact Dr. Lucky through email Realspellcasteronline@gmail.com
220.By Corinne Buchanan (wcourtney766 at gmail d0t com) from Fort Lauderdale 2018-07-25
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219.By aurora avendano (hmp#hgj at yopmail d0t com) from varacruz, mexique 2017-09-15
bonjour, j'aime tous mes amis reliens, ils me donne l'argent et jai rien a payer pour mon logement, ils ont paye mon voyage au mexique, merci a tous
218.By obat usus buntu (jamalika at gmail d0t com) from indonesia 2017-02-03
hallo,,, salam kenal semua,.,,, senang bisa berkunjung ke blog Anda...
217.By David (Platos d0t academy d0t space at gmail d0t com) Visit this dude's homepage from Canada 2017-01-29
I read Rael'so 2 books and they seem honest. I wish there was objective evidence though. Nevertheless the bible explanations from the book make sense Www.platos-academy.space
216.By chenling (chungchenling at yahoo d0t com) from ROC 2016-12-25
To 215 : I firmly believe what you said. But do not tend to believe Rael is necessary a fake one. If you experience what I have experienced in the past, you will know there is a very advanced civilization which is monitoring us and this civilization understans what you think and what you like....This civilization likes to mess people up. The messenger they choose will not be a person who is really capable. Rael is the type of people they like to choose. Also do not be afraid of Bishop. I personlly do not follow those people.
215.By Damien (damien d0t marsic at gmail d0t com) from FL, US 2016-12-18
Reply to #211 and #206: Indeed, he is not responsible for the clone because there is no clone. But Rael is 100% responsible for the Clonaid hoax. I know because I was personally involved in this story. When BB claimed that the first human clone was born, I was the only person with some scientific background who had actually done any work for Clonaid, and I am quite sure that I never cloned anybody. The day before the public announcement, BB informed me of what she was about to do and asked me to keep silent about what I knew (she knew that I knew that there was no clone whatsoever). At that time I was a dedicated Raelian and my only goal in life was to help Rael. I was shocked that BB was feeling good about perpetrating a hoax, but I was intimidated because she was a Raelian bishop. She secured my silence by affirming that Rael himself approved it.
214.By Advocatus Diaboli (advod666 at yahoo d0t com) Visit this dude's homepage from Japan 2016-04-22
Hi... here's my blog on Blogspot that includes all my articles originally posted on Facebook years ago. RAELIAN "TRUTH" http://raelian-truth.blogspot.com/ Critical review of the purported "truths" of Raelism contained in the e-books written by Claude Vorilhon "RAEL Maitreya" and published by the Raelian Foundation as well as other publications of the International Raelian Movement. Enjoy!
213.By Anja Schoenwald (heal_now at yahoo d0t com) from Los Angeles, USA 2015-12-12
Even though I am convinced Rael is a liar and false prophet, I believe we were created by (ET) scientists. New History of Humanity https://youtu.be/pKP9ru_G5vk
212.By Zana (zanaloveselfies at yahoo d0t co d0t uk) from nauseating 2015-07-25
most of the former raelians now believe in god, ghosts, spirits, demons and complete woo and anti-extraterrestrial groups(allies of humanity) spreading fear and hate about extraterrestrials, ufos , making it impossible for understanding and open communication for extraterrestrials to occur, that is you chaps are stopping the very idea of an extraterrestrial embassy . This website just gives me an analysis that things have failed due to people,. drama , issues .. I simply wish I never existed on this planet in the first place, its depressing, boring and disappointing
211.By Atgrea (atgte at mail d0t com) Visit this dude's homepage from NYC 2015-07-24
He is not responsible for the clone. He just speaks about the raelian view on cloning. He founded clonaid but handed it over to brigitte before the clone was created. He is not linked to the clone in any ways just only that the creators of the clone were raelians and that he adviced brigitte to not do any test on the baby cause otherwise it might have been taken away from the mother.
210.By oknoorap (oknoorap at gmail d0t com) Visit this dude's homepage from Indonesia 2015-02-14
I'm raelian too for 4 years, and then quit as freethinker, you're the best raelian dot com keep this domain to telling the truth.
209.By Samuel joseph Phillip LICON from ? 2015-01-04
Why do you come every time the rose parade is here and drive me nuts spinning everything tour way .im sick if the way youpercieve the world you artificially created your not the. Gof of my understanding you are many I am 1 .😈 .love conquers. All balance and odds are in my fagor thank you for destroying my life u deserve everything the universe has in store for you enter the dragon if the rising sun gidzilla😈😞.☑ your right tme does tell the truth ui just don't wait for it anymore I left it go around me good luck survival is 1 moray calypso88
208.By Anja Schoenwald (heal_now at yahoo d0t com) from LA, USA 2014-11-02
The Satanic Cult that rules the world: http://www.savethemales.ca/the_satanic_cult_that_rules_th.html (Find anything in common with Rael's so-called mission?)
207.By Parsley (betsybird27 at hotmail d0t com) from pottstown, pa, usa 2014-08-19
Too easy to see how completely ridiculous this cult is. I'm sorry to see how people get sucked into it. Basically, if someone tells you they've met God on a UFO, they are Jesus' bro, they want to clone you to live forever but are really pocketing the money, they want to build a UFO landing temple, they want you to take off your bra for women's rights, and they say they are a retired race car driver but they've only done a few races, YOU JUST SAY NO.
206.By Somebody (howardjwz at gmail d0t com) from Somewhere 2014-07-22
He is not responsible for the clone. He just speaks about the raelian view on cloning. He founded clonaid but handed it over to brigitte before the clone was created. He is not linked to the clone in any ways just only that the creators of the clone were raelians and that he adviced brigitte to not do any test on the baby cause otherwise it might have been taken away from the mother.
205.By chenling (chungchenling at yahoo d0t com) from ROC 2014-07-22
I wonder if you agree what Rael did on CNN? how do you think of his claim there is a cloned baby?

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The Books Comparison Between Jean Sendy and Claude Vorilhon Rael

Download Those Gods Who Made Heaven & Earth (1969) by Jean Sendy
Download The Coming of the Gods (1970) by Jean Sendy
Download La Lune Cle de la Bible (1968) by Jean Sendy
Download L'ere du Verseau (1970) by Jean Sendy
Download Les Temps Messianiques (1975) by Jean Sendy
Download Les Cahiers de Cours de Moise (1963) by Jean Sendy
Download book 'Rael, The Masonic Messiah' by former Raelian Priest
Download book Aliens Adored: Rael's UFO Religion (2004) by Susan J. Palmer
The Maitreya: Extracts from his Teachings

Yes to human cloning

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