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Last updated:
10 July 2020

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After long 11 years, I decided to quit Raelian movement. I went into extensive investigation of Claude Vorilhon Rael and I found too many coincedences, hard to be ignored. On this site, as many people's requests, I try to put all the information I found. The judgment is all yours.
One thing I want to make sure. I have nothing against Rael or Raelians personally. I still think Raelians "were" one of the finest people on Earth.
It is just Claude Vorilhon Rael who is the evil being. Raelians are just victims for their docile spirit.

I just want to make sure that I’m a firm believer of Jean Sendy the great researcher who was way ahead of his time. Many of his foresights will come true one day and his works will be recognized. When the contact between Elohim and human being is made Claude Vorilhon Rael will be the first person to flee and disappear. I just hope this would happen in our life time.

Sorry guys and dudettes... now my life is completely out of Raelian things. I don't even have one single friend left in Raelian movement; which means I don't care what they eat and maintain their lives. I don't talk or contact any Raelian or even ex-Raelian. All I want to say I already wrote on this site. Those who need more info better search for on your own... (However, this site will continue to serve for great public indefinitely :)

Many information here is outdated simply because there is no new information. Many external links are left broken, some people passed away or didn't maintain their sites, you just have to guess by its title/subject such page existed once.
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Who am I?
  E-mail from a Raelian from New South Wales, Australia
"one of the most stupid sites on the Internet... full of lies and absurdities... shame on you.. this site is full of arrogance combined with stupidity, and totally misleading concerning the Raelians.. Fortunately, smart people can read between your lies and find the truth.."
  RMX 2010 by BioFusion Tech in South Korea Year 2015 Updated News: A while ago, Claude Vorilhon's DNA sample has been sent from Japan to Europe to analyze with his father side.

News from South Korea: South Korean ex-Raelian team has analyzed Claude Vorilhon's DNA sample few years ago, due to his carelessness many ex-Raelians, especially women have his sample. Without comparing his father side gene; however, the result shows that his gene is nothing special but just a normal European guy.
Remember this cell fusion device RMX 2010 developed by South Korean firm BioFusion Tech? The president of BioFusion Tech, James Lee - former Raelian guide level 4, and other hundreds of Korean ex-Raelians are now suing Claude Vorilhon Rael and International Raelian Movement for fraud, illegal money transfer and many other charges.
 It's year 2015! Claude Vorilhon Rael said at Japanese seminar early 2000 that in 2015 money will disappear. (first he said 2025, but he changed the year to 2015) Claude Vorilhon Rael is still very happy to see rich newcomers at the seminars and collecting "cash" himself every year at Japanese seminar at lunch time.
  What's going on these days? According to high level guide in Europe "G" who left IRM in 2009 "silently," all the Raelian fund is managed by Claude Vorilhon Rael himself in his personal Swiss bank account, there is no separate embassy fund account. It's been a decade since Clonaid hoax, since 2010 those Raelians who involved in Clonaid stopped reporting to its investors; even they don't answer e-mails, avoid calls, eliminate from facebook friends.
  Newbie to Raelism or Raelian Movement? See who are the Raelians written by long-time ex-Raelian. [See: Who are the Raelians?]
  News from Japan: I was informed that finally some high level Japanese Raelian guides are starting to have suspicious of Claude Vorilhon Rael for his un-prophet like deeds and started to investigate further such as Jean Sendy, etc.
  About Jean Sendy and the books comparison can be found here: [Read in English]
"You can see that the resemblance is striking."
See the testimony of Sage Ali, former Raelian guide in L.A., Raelian for 17 years, the testimony is written in very harmonious and respectful manner, all Raelians should read this before making any harsh judgment on any former Raelian without using their own consciousness.   [Read testimony of Sage Ali in English, French, Spanish, Korean, Japanese]
See the testimony of Mark Woodgate, former Raelian and National Guide of New Zealand for 16 years.   [Read testimony of Mark Woodgate or Download PDF file]
  • See also an e-mail message sent to all Raelians in Oceania by Jarel, Continental Guide for Oceania, in respond to testimony of Mark Woodgate [See Jarel's message]
  • 23 Dec 2010, Official reply to Jarel, In response to Jarel's message regarding Mark Woodgate's testimony and resignation from the Raelian Movement. [See Mark Woodgate's reply message to Jarel]
  • Jan 2010, Reply to Jarel from Jean-Denis Saint-Cyr, In response to Jarel's message on accusation of former Raelian guide Jean-Denis Saint-Cyr. [See Jean-Denis Saint-Cyr's reply message to Jarel]
    Download Jean Sendy's books and others
    Read and compare yourself Jean Sendy's books with those of Claude Vorilhon Rael
    Most of Jean Sendy's books and other books are available for download in PDF file format. [Download Jean Sendy's books and others]

    Remember! Confirm kill is very important! For all current Raelians, one of the Jean Sendy's book is presented on Raelian Movement Official Site under the section Books by independent Authors, therefore, do not feel guilty to read Jean Sendy's books. Raelian Movement Official website says about Jean Sendy's book: "Written as a novel, he also theorized many things which the Elohim confirmed in the messages given to Rael in 1973 and 1975." I encourage you to confirm yourself!     [Download PDF free e-books]
      E-mail from Brigitte Boisselier to all Raelian structure members to finance land & housing in Okinawa island Japan for Claude Vorilhon Rael. [Read Brigitte Boisselier's e-mail]
      You should be very proud of laying on the same bed with the last prophet! So, now please give me BJ. - Testimony from Korean ex-Raelian pink angel. About Raelian Angel Order, the message sent to all Raelian young female angels can be found here: [See: Latest message for the order of RAEL's angels (English in MS-Word format)]
      Message to all the posters of insults and defamations by Rael posted by Rael himself on his Facebook fan page: [Read English translated message]

    "You know, I love comedy, and I love playing jokes - and one day, maybe when I take my last breath, I will share with you the greatest joke of all."

    - Claude Vorilhon Rael at Canadian Seminar many years ago.

    [...] my physical contact with the Elohim and their message are pure truth and this, I will never cease to repeat until my last breath.

    - Claude Vorilhon Rael in 2010, after the revelation of all these information.

      Who is Claude Vorilhon Rael? You can have a good idea by reading the testimony of Marie-Helene Parent (ex-guide Raelian priest, Raelian for 25 years). [Read in English or French]
      Want to know more about Claude Vorilhon Rael? Former high rank Raelian guide Jean-Denis Saint-Cyr's book has vast information and many detailed stories. His book "Confessions de Rael a son ex-bras droit (Confession of Rael to his right hand man) (published in October 2009)" is available only in French; however, you can read on-line:
      - Conclusion of the book (English)
      - Response from Jean-Denis Saint-Cyr to Rael (English)
      How Claude Vorilhon Rael became the new Buddha Maitreya? Take a look at the excellente research done by former Raelian Claire Labrie: [The formula "3000 - 1027 = 1973" explained]
      Those Raelians who abandoned their own family, their spouses, children and parents, apparently there is no way going back. They just went too far as Rael did. For them, I think it is better not to see this site or do any further investigation. Those who think they can be happy regardless Raelian things, must read what I have found.
      If you are looking for spiritual path or answer for the life, here or Raelian is absolutely the wrong place to look for. Beautiful philosophy based on fraud not even worth a dime. Look somewhere else.
      Found any inaccurate information on this site? Then please let me know whether you are a Raelian or not. I have no desire to use false information to appeal for your judgment.

    "Le Miel et la Cannelle" The song by Claude Vorilhon Rael

    Le Miel et la Cannelle by Claude Vorilhon Rael (1967) The song "Le Miel et la Cannelle (Honey and Cinnamon) (1967) by Claude Vorilhon Rael.

    The order that Claude Vorilhon saw some biological female models on Elohim's planet is perfectly matches to his own song.

    Another coincidence? Or he got the idea from his own mind of female preferences?

    Honey and Cinnamon (1967)

    I smell honey and cinnamon
    I smell vanilla and love
    I smell honey and cinnamon
    Girls I'll always adore.

    The first was a brunette, Margot was her name
    We played the pipes as the moon lit the night
    I took the road to her eyes
    And followed the way to her hair.

    The second was a blonde, her name was Marielle
    The path around her curves I remember well
    I took the road to her eyes
    And followed the way to her hair.

    The third was a redhead, Marion she was called
    For her lovely little face and her frothy underslip
    I took the road to her eyes
    And followed the way to her hair.

    Don't cry, my friend, for tomorrow will be spring
    They are so lovely and you're not twenty yet
    I took the road to her eyes
    And you can travel the path to her hair.
    E.T Took Me To Their Planet (1975)

    I put my belt on again and found myself transported back in front of the machine used for making robots. A luminous cube appeared in front of me. I was shown to an armchair facing the cube and given a helmet. When I had settled down, a magnificent young brunette with marvelously harmonious proportions appeared three-dimensionally within the luminous cube. [...]

    At my refusal to change anything whatsoever about that magnificent creature, a second woman, this time blonde and alluring, appeared in the luminous cube. She was different but just as perfect as the first one. With her I could not find anything to alter, either.

    Finally, a third young female, this one a redhead more sensual than the first two, appeared in the strange cube. The robot asked me if I cared to see other models, or if these three ideal types of my race would be enough for me. I answered quite naturally that I thought these three people were extraordinary. At that moment, a magnificent black woman appeared in the cube, then a very fine slender Chinese female, and then finally another voluptuous young Asian woman. (page 156-157)

    Excerpt from Les Temps Messiahnique (The Messiahnic Times) (1975) by Jean Sendy
    (Excerpt from last chapter titled as "Chapitre 21: LA JERUSALEM CELESTE")

    Thanks to Noah and to Moses, the successive generations of "chosen" people doing chain, we have created Occidental Judeo-Christian, from ensemble of law and teachings attribute to the Elohim.
    And the observation shows that these teachings confer a blatant superiority to individuals and to communities who are impregnated. (page 296)

    Jurusalem is set free, open to all man of good will, we can give rendezvous there no important when, from now on, freely. (page 301)

    [See more comparison between Jean Sendy's books and those of Rael's]

    L'Ere du Verseau (The Age of Aquarius)
    by Jean Sendy (1970)
    Original French Quote:
    Un des enseignements essentiels d'Hermes etait que ce qui est en haut [dans les cieux] est comme ce qui est en bas [sur terre]. (page 331)

    Exact English Translation:
    One of the essential teachings of Hermes was that which is above [in the sky] is like that which is below [on Earth].
    The book which tells the truth
    by Claude Vorilhon Rael (1974)
    First French version book:
    "Il en est en haut comme il en est en bas" et en son centre le "svastika" qui veut dire que tout est cyclique, le haut devenant bas et le bas devenant haut. (page 59)

    English version book:
    That which is above is like that which is below and in its center is the swastika which means that everything is cyclic, the top becoming the bottom, and the bottom in turn becoming the top. (page 58)
    [Rael's plagiarism: Copy, Paste, Modify and Add some...]
    Note: Whoever Raelian translated Rael's first French book to English version, didn't consider that Rael had plagiarised, and fixed French awkward sentence to natural which in result became the exact same sentence as Jean Sendy's in English.

    [See more comparison between Jean Sendy's books and those of Rael's]

    Excerpt from Aliens Adored: Rael's UFO religion By Susan J. Palmer (2004)
    (Interview with Rael by Susan J. Palmer)

    I countered with, "Rael, you must have been interviewed by the the media over a thousand times. Have you ever, in all your years of experience in dealing with media, known a journalist to lie, to misquote you, or twist your words?"

    Rael laughed. "Yes, of course. Journalists lie all the time. I used to be a journalist myself, so I know what they are like." (page 10)

    Related links: The Rael Deal by Susan J. Palmer,   Read Aliens Adored sample pages on-line

    Excerpt from testimony of former Raelian guide Sage Ali (Raelian for 17 years)

    Rael said that he met the ancient prophets, and he described a few of them in terms of physical appearance. He described Jesus as "a young, bearded man, [...] Buddha was "a more corpulent man with an Asian face. He had a shaven head."

    First of all, it is quite interesting that Rael's descriptions fit perfectly with most people's current "pop culture" images of these prophets. [...] but I will share a few thoughts about Buddha:

    Why would Buddha be fat (or "corpulent" as Rael wrote) on the Planet of Eternals? Didn't Rael write that Eternals are re-created in 17 year-old perfect bodies? Would Buddha really have chosen to be re-created overweight for eternity?

    Did you know that the "Fat Laughing Chinese Buddha" depicted in the statues we've all seen is actually a completely different person from the real Buddha? Buddha's real name was Gautama Siddhartha and he was North Indian. In China, there was a wonderful folkloric monk named Budai. Budai was short and overweight, whereas Siddhartha Gautama (known to the world as Buddha) was tall and most probably slender according to historical accounts. Who did Rael describe?

    [Read more testimony of Sage Ali]

    Fact Check: Real Buddha was never fat... "Laughing Fat Buddha" has been an image exclusive to Chinese Buddhism. (not the original Buddhism)
    Buddha made the transition to fat Buddha when the religion moved from India into Asia; in Asia, and especially in China. The statues of Buddha himself (Siddhartha) are remarkably consistent in their look, and all of them are thin...

    "No man has a good enough memory to make a successful liar."       - Abraham Lincoln

    Main characters in both books: Elohim, Yahweh, Serpent, Lucifer and Adam

    Jean Sendy's

    Those gods who made heaven & earth (1969)
    When we read the Bible in that way, we must first note that the Hebrew word Elohim, usually translated as "God," is a plural. If we read "Those who came from the sky," or "the Celestials," [...] (page 13)
    Claude Vorilhon Rael's

    The book which tells the truth (1974)
    "Elohim", translated without justification in some Bibles by the word "God" means in Hebrew "those who came from the sky" and furthermore the word is a plural. It means that the scientists [...] (page 20)

    La Lune, cle de la Bible (1968)
    But Yahweh "boss of the Elohim?" [...] when he speaks and acts, from beginning of reciting until his farewell to Noah, Yahweh speaks and acts as "boss of the Elohim." (page 78)
    Yahweh, boss of the Elohim, is not mentioned by name until Chapter II, 4b... (page 158)
    Yahweh like the god of the gods. (page 173)

    The Moon: Outpost of the Gods (1968)
    So it seems best to stick with the text taken literally: when he "speaks to Moses" in Exodus, Yahweh "speaks" as a professor may make Carnot "speak" ; when he speaks and acts from the beginning of the story to Noah's farewell, Yahweh speaks and acts as the "leader of the Elohim." (page 63)
    Yahweh, the leader of the Elohim, is not mentioned by name until Chapter 2, Verse 5. He appears there both as the leader of the Elohim and as the Celestial who is personally in charge [...] (page 130)
    Extra-Terrestrials Took Me To Their Planet (1975)
    This residence is, in fact, very large, since it is an entire planet where the members of the Council of the Eternals live as well. My name is Yahweh, and I am the president of that Council of the Eternals. (page 149)
    If Israel ultimately declines to allow a grant of extra-territoriality, as already indicated, we will most likely establish the embassy on Palestinian or Egyptian territory or in another neighboring state. In fact the lower slopes of Mount Sinai would make an excellent alternative choice, since that is where Yahweh, the leader of the Elohim, first appeared to Moses. (page 208, Author's Postscript)

    Note: Jean Sendy's French books used the informal word "patron" which means "boss." Claude Vorilhon Rael used the formal word "president" in his first French book.
    However, while translating to English, both translators chose the same word "leader."

    Those gods who made heaven & earth (1969)
    Was the "serpent" a mutant, a man intended to produce descendants who would equal the Celestials, and was he cursed by being condemned to "crawl," to remain attached to the earth, in bondage to it, like ordinary men? I believe he was. [...] The mutant, the "serpent," had proved to be incapable of keeping the secret of the "tree of knowledge." [...] (page 145-146)
    The book which tells the truth (1974)
    The serpent was this small group of creators who had wished to tell the truth to Adam and Eve and as a result they were condemned by the government of their own planet to live in exile on Earth (page 24)

    Those gods who made heaven & earth (1969)
    The Celestials did not intend to turn over the management of the planet to the control group, symbolized by Adam, but to the more intelligent mutants, symbolized by Lucifer. Would Lucifer have been more successful in managing the planet if, instead of trying to impress Adam, he had held his tongue and let the Celestials continue their experiments on him and his lineage? (page 152)
    Let's welcome the Extraterrestrials (1979)
    Lucifer is one of the Elohim who created life on Earth, thus created Man. Lucifer was heading a small group of scientists working in one of the genetic engineering laboratories which studied the behaviour of the first synthetic men. [...] Lucifer and his group of Elohim felt love and affection for their syntetically created humans. (page 84)

    [See more comparison between Jean Sendy's books and those of Rael's]

    Message to all the posters of insults and defamations by Rael
    (Excerpt from Rael's facebook Rael fan page managed/posted by himself)

    "That being said, if you're anti-Raelians, I encourage you to be as active as possible against us and thank you in advance. Indeed, by acting against us you make us more publicity! So act more as possible! Every time you say bad things about us you're advertising. Those who bother me are those who are indifferent and never talk to us. Finally I quote the great Sacha Guitry 'If those who speak evil of me knew what I think of them they would say many advantages.' So do not limit yourself..."

    [See his full message]
    IMHO: When I found this, I lost my word..... No Raelian dare to become the prophet's mentor, he is on his own. Again, my exhibit number one that he is a fraud is Rael himself.

    "A man is judged by his deeds, not by his words. If Rael ever showed me and impressed me with his deeds, maybe, I would still believe in him... despite all this information."
    - A Korean ex-Raelian

    Testimony of journalist Jean-Jacques Arene
    (Rael's childhood friend, Excerpts from Le Progres de Lyon on 16 Jan 2003)

    Le Progres de Lyon on 16 Jan 2003 "The Extra-Terrestrials, we invented them one evening in 1973 when we had good drinks with meal close to the place Gaillard in downtown of Clemont-Ferrand. We were three, and Claude Vorilhon was very impressed when Franck Messegue told him how his father made a fortune. He had just his journal Autopop, which was agony."
    "At that time, I was twenty years old. We were band of fifty to go out in Clemont-Ferrand. We were hanging out to the same pubs, the same clubs connected of the moment. The evening of good drinks with meal, we had passed the night to be delirious on a hoax that we could launch. The idea of the Extra-Terrestrials came from Franck. The tranquil place close to Puy de Dome I suggested him, between Puy de la Vache and that of Lassolas, in remembering that I went out on a motocycle."
    "For us, it was for laughing. Not for Claude. The next day he went to the editorial of La Montagne, to tell 'his' story. He was dismissed. When things didn't work out as planned (Des que la mayonnaise a pris), he left Clemont-Ferrand, and the people who knew. I remember that he was fascinated by the success of Maurice Messegue, who made a fortune with the herbs. His son explained, dissected the method of his father, and Vorilhon hadn't lost crumbs."

    Note: La Montagne is the same journal that the conference was held by and given by Jean Sendy in Clemont-Ferrand on 4th March 1974.

    [See the article in Le Progres de Lyon on 16 Jan 2003]

    Testimony of Charles Guillaume
    (Still living in Clermont-Ferrand & acquaintance with Claude Vorilhon. E-mail sent to Jean-Denis Saint-Cyr in April 2012)

    I was born in Clermont-Ferrand and I am supporting you, for I used to be acquainted with Mr. Vorilhon when we were young, along with the son of a very rich and famous phytotherapist. I can't remember exactly the name of the pub where we used to meet on Gaillard Square (it was either "Le Commerce" or "L'Union") but I do remember well that on "hazy" evenings, the conversations of our small group would often be focused on extra-terrestrials.

    Just once, Vorilhon suddenly looked thoughtful and stern and said something like "What a brilliant idea!"

    Later on, I heard through some of his friends, also fans of car-race, that his magazine called "Autopop" had collapsed, but I did not really care, as I was by then married and a father. Last time I heard about him, before he became Rael, was about his new look, hippie style, with something rather freakish about him. Maybe he'd been taking LSD, anyway I did not pay much attention, for he was only a vague and remote pub acquaintance. Yet years later, when his scandalous fraud came out, I remembered that moment of his sudden and pensive remoteness, while everybody else was laughing about little green men. For me it was obvious evidence that he had been cheating!

    When I eventually picked up his book, with its schoolboy drawings, while I already had an LCD watch, I found him quite backward technologically speaking, with his needle meters on flying saucers! Moreover, at that time, Gong had already long ago written "Flying Teapot", which was by far more imaginative...
    Please go on with your struggle against that person devoid of any feeling. Warmest regards.

    Charles Guillaume, still living in Clermont-Ferrand.
    At that time, I was a trainer for deaf and dumb children at Les Gravouses. I can even mention that I used to live on top of the Bar de la Lune, which still exists.

    [Read: Original message in French]

    Testimony/TV Interview of Roland Chevaleyre
    (Roland Chevaleyre claims that he was childhood friend of Rael, but Rael denies)

    Dude, you can find the interview videos below on this page. Roland: "And just that evening we ate together at a restaurant, so we went into deep discussion, and I posed straight up the question, and he answered me, 'Yes I lied I lied to you (yes what?) I can tell you I lied to you, but you knew it anyway, it's nothing you didn't already know,' it simply happened like that, and what I blame Claude for, I told him so I can talk about it, 'I blame you for using people to get wealthie,' because you know very well he confessed me very sincerely that he had never met small green man over there but that he is now what he is because people who believed him helped him to get to that position."

    The article about Rael's lawsuit against Roland Chevaleyre and Rael's defeats. Roland: "I remember the last time he came to Ambert, well, he had a gorgeous girl, to be honest anyway, well, and me I am not beside neither, well, it's true that visually speaking she is the girl we can be attached very quickly, but, and the evening Claude told me, well, 'you go back to your home,' well, good yes I go back to my home, good, yes, I go back to my home because me I'm divorced I go back to my home I'm alone well, 'take take my girl friend and later tomorrow we try Ferrari, you will bring her back,' but it was for pure love for me to have pleasure... and the girl..."

    Journalist: He treated (inaudible) his girl friend (inaudible) like he lend his car what?

    Roland: "And the girl he was with didn't even respond to make a move which means I grab her hand and I bring, I think there it is better to leave her inside of Ferrari first, or on the side of the road and go for a Ferrari tour, it was more, because take advantage of someone who mentally listen to her prophet that much, I believe that it wasn't interested me at all."

    Note: Translated word for word, and the interview videos of these can be found below on this page.
    Related links: About so called "Confessions" by Rael,   The article about Rael's lawsuit against Roland Chevaleyre and Rael's defeats. (French)

    A message from ex-employee of Claude Vorilhon Rael
    (This e-mail was sent to a French guy who investigated Rael thoroughly and put entire Autopop magazines on his website www.rael.free.fr)

    Autopop #24, July, August 1973 Subject: Memories, memories...
    Date: Thu, 24 Nov 2005 13:13:35 +0100 (Paris, Madrid)
    From: "Dan63" <******@free.fr>

    Well, it made me feel funny to see these titles... I had even forgotten the typo used ;o) Thank you for the regeneration of this... what a distant memory ;o)
    In general, you sacred a lot of work with this site... Congratulations on all that.

    And especially since I personally knew Claude Vorilhon when he was involved in this car review magazine.

    With one of my co-workers, we worked for him under contract of photography and layout.

    And the last memory I have with him, he was in one side of the office and my friend and I in the other side with a pickaxe handle in our hands trying to make him pay us the sum that he owed us ;o) We were three same concerned over these little miseries.

    So, the point is no need to tell you that the personage, is not about to make me believe anything or impress me with his hallucinated revelations...

    [See full series of Autopop magazines, and the original message in French]

    During my short life, if I have ever learned one lesson that is "Time always tells the truth." Ever since I learned this universal law and truth, I no longer lie and stopped looking at someone with disguised lovely eyes.

    I'm neither Jesus nor Buddha. (It is easier said than done, if I said I want to become such a great person). Certainly, on Earth, there are kinds of people that I can't accept. If we consider the Earth as one gigantic organism it is certain that all people on Earth are our brothers and sisters, yet, to love all of them my consciousness level is too low. However, I think, one's consciousness has little to do with detecting a deception.

    If a person is about to jump off from a bridge, I know that the result will be unfavorable. Therefore, I will give him a warning and an advice. This is my duty and my duty ends here. Hereafter, it is up to him what result may he choose.

    Truly, I want to give my sincere warning to my Raelian friends and non-Raelians who are interested in Claude Vorilhon Rael's "false message." My exhibit number one is Claude Vorilhon Rael himself.

    Every human being makes a mistake; Claude Vorilhon Rael's biggest mistake was that he plagiarized too much from a single author, and his critical error was he even plagiarized the Raelian symbol from the same author whose name is "Jean Sendy", a prominent French author, UFOlogist and I consider him as a great philosopher too. Rael very much realized his error and published same book with only modified symbol, but the book already came out into the world cannot be evaporated. Moreover, the explanation of the symbol is "identical" to Jean Sendy's, and the intriguing fact is that the two lines entwined the exact same way.

    Whoever creates a symbol represents whole civilization or country or nation must have deeply considered before its actual proclamation and utilization. In my understanding, such a symbol lives and dies with that civilization without "slightest" modification. Claude Vorilhon Rael has a good explanation for changing the second symbol (1976) to third version; however, how can he explain for changing first original version (1974) to the second version? and changed back to second version again in 2007? Is 16 years of respecting Jewish people long enough? Indeed, which symbol he actually saw on E.T's suit and on the UFO on 13th of December, 1973?





    Evolution of the Raelian Symbol

    Another astonishing discovery was that Jean Sendy gave a conference in Clermont-Ferrand (Rael's home town) on 4th March 1974, and Rael's first book "Le Livre qui dit la verite (The book which tells the truth)" published in July the same year.
    [See: About Jean Sendy and books comparison,   Clarification from Rael about slander related to the book of Jean Sendy]

    The testimony of Marie-Helene Parent, former raelian priest (Realian for 25 years), indicates that Rael knew very well Jean Sendy personally. Here is an excerpt from her testimony, "One night during dinner, after he (Rael) took few glasses of wine, he told me that he knew well Jean Sendy and was a friend and had drinks together in Clermont-Ferrand." [See: Her full testimony]

    The most ****ed up event ever happened in my life. And it was my biggest mistake to assume high level Raelians guides, who seem very intelligent, must have investigated Rael's claims thoroughly, from top to bottom. They didn't! or they don't even want to. To tell the truth, I had been a Raelian such a long time, not because of Rael or his "message", but because of the wonderful Raelian guides. Who would not listen to such great people with such great personality? Their only faults are they have too much craving for eternal life and they think they are very special by being Raelians exactly as they have been told by their pretended prophet.

    Some Raelians stress that many successful business men, rich people, doctors, professors or Harvard graduates with PhD are among Raelians. Claude Vorilhon Rael knows very well that these kinds of people are very influential to vulnerable people. If this kind of person goes to a Raelian seminar, he much likes to be called to Rael's room and he may see Rael weeping over humanity in saying that "You are a very intelligent, conscious person who has a mission to save entire human race from self destruction, and in return you may receive eternal life because you are so special." If he is emotional person and buy Rael's story, then he will be immediately bestowed high level as a guide at the end of the seminar. Unfortunately, many Raelians are already trapped with such words even though they have rational thinking to figure out what is right. Who wouldn't like to be praised with such nice words and exalted and applauded by hundreds of fine people? This is just mental and number game. Every con-artist knows that this world is just number game. One Raelian guide told me many years ago that 4 out of 100 people who read Rael's book will become Raelians. You must know that there are many more successful business men, professors, scientists, Harvard graduates who read Rael's books but don't believe his story.

    What was going on in late 1960s and 1970s?
    On 20th July 1969, man finally took first steps on the Moon. It was the beginning of new era. Needless to say, the general interests of E.T, UFO, contactee reached utmost during that period. Consequently, many books or claims, true or false, came out also that period. So was it our E.T. creators' kind and deliberate decision to send the "last prophet" to satisfy people's expectation?

    Another important historical event took place in October 1973. The first oil crisis. The war in Middle East started on 6th October, and just in 3 months the oil price jumped up 8 times. The Prime Minister of France, Mr. Pierre Messmer announced in TV on 30th November that he would reduce speed limit on all roads and cease all auto racings in France. The Journal Le Point wrote an article entitled as "Auto: The end of an era." And just in 2 weeks Claude Vorilhon Rael claimed that he received "the final message." Presumably, he pretty much realized that his auto magazine business would soon end, but in his book "Extraterrestrials took me to their planet (1975)" he claimed that he had successful auto magazine business at the time he encountered our E.T. creator. Some French people can attest that his auto magazine "Autopop" was nothing more than a troubled magazine with small circulation. [See full series of Autopop magazine, and a message from an employee of Rael at the time]

    Being an avid reader of books myself, I realized that even prominent bestseller authors plagiarized some point, since they must get influenced or perceived first. However, they have a rule such as "not more than 3 sentences from a book or an author." How many sentences Claude Vorilhon Rael plagiarized? The answer is not sentences. He plagiarized mainly five Jean Sendy's books.
    By learning life's lesson, I became extremely skeptical about everything. Now I can't trust 100%, instead, I ask myself, how much percent this person is telling the truth or from his own?

    In retrospect, if I had only known the name "Jean Sendy" 11 years ago, I wouldn't have become a Raelian. You must know that the paragraph containing "Jean Sendy" on Wikipedia Rael/Raelian related pages have been continuously removed by "unseen" hands for a long time, and it is still even now as of (Put today's date here). I had ignored my close friends' sincere warning, just for one reason, because they had researched 30 minutes on Rael's personal life and concluded Rael is fraud, which is correct method for reasoning, whereas I had spent for years researching on ancient histories and E.T. things which only support Rael's plagiarised theory.

    One may ask me why all of sudden I start to assert that Claude Vorilhon Rael is a fraud. Certain information has been available since long time ago as beginning of year 2000, to say. If I had just searched on the Internet I could have come to the same conclusion as now. To be honest, I didn't look at it for some reasons. First, I believed high rank guides' judgments assuming that they must have confirmed such information. Second, I was convinced Rael saying many years ago at the seminars (he stopped saying this some point) "Don't just swallow what I say, have a doubt and use your own consciousness on my words" and not knowing that who actually had a doubt had been expelled silently or induced to leave the Raelian Movement. Third, since most of information is in French, I wasn't able to read it back in that time. Fourth, I was busy, when you are busy you don't think. Fifth, and this was my biggest reason, since most of information is written in very sarcastic way I tended to avoid it. People who say on something with swear words or in sarcastic way can be both telling the truth or false. It simply keeps away those people who don't like such swear or sarcastic words. For this reason, I try to put information on my site less sarcastic as possible since my objective is not to make fun of Claude Vorilhon Rael or his absurd thoughts, but only to inform the truth.

    I am NOT condemning Rael for copying some philosophies such as femininity from Osho Rajneesh, sensuality, jealousy, love from somewhere, or Silva method of meditation from former Raelian Jean-Denis Saint-Cyr. Yes, even though he is the real prophet he could learn from some other sources and teach his own way. The only problem is that he "never" acts according to what he said. This only reveals his true personality. However, the explanation of the Bible supposed to be received from his E.T. encounter. Series of Claude Vorilhon Rael's books cannot be coincidently similar to series of Jean Sendy's books. Some people said Claude Vorilhon Rael was "influenced" by Jean Sendy, but he was not supposed to be "influenced" by anyone on Earth for he is claiming himself as a "Prophet" not as an "Author." Therefore the word "influenced" is inappropriate word for him.

    Interview with Jean-Denis Saint-Cyr on montreal LCN TV on 11 Nov 2009 You don't need to believe testimony of Jean-Denis Saint-Cyr (former high ranking Raelian guide, level 5) or others', yet just focus on the "facts," and ask yourself whether you can believe series of coincidences or not. Certainly, either Jean-Denis Saint-Cyr or Claude Vorilhon Rael is lying. For me, I believe Jean-Denis Saint-Cyr's stories simply because they perfectly matched with my years of observation of Rael. [See: Jean-Denis Saint-Cyr Interview on LCN TV (French),   Conclusion of his book (English) ,   About so called "Confessions" by Rael,   Response from Jean-Denis Saint-Cyr to Rael (English)]

    Raelian Angel Condo in Valcourt QC Canada Being a simple "male" neophyte, I never had a chance to know Rael personally; however, by being a best friend of Korean/Japanese Raelian angels, those whom Rael exceptionally fond of, I unintentionally picked up many information on Rael's personal life. (Note: Raelian Angels are females who decided to devote entirely, mentally and physically, to their prophet - Claude Vorilhon Rael or to E.T. creators.) Many of these girls are already quit the Raelian movement, not because they found a hard evidence but of sickness of Rael's personal life. These girls are very fine and sensitive girls, if these girls are little bit more courageous then we would see hundreds of their first-hand testimonies. Thus, I know Jean-Denis Saint-Cyr and Marie-Helene Parent are telling the truth in their testimonies. If you are still not sure, just wait and see. These girls are getting old and as they having their own daughters, they will speak out to protect them from other potential con-men.
    [See: Latest message for the order of RAEL's angels (English in MS-Word format)]

    I admit that some testimonies we cannot take as 100% facts. Since the testimonies are based on their memory, there must be some exaggeration or distortion in meaning or even from his imagination. However, you have no other choice but to believe testimony such as being heard and taken at seminar places where hundreds of people were there, and the testimony supported with photos or written documents mostly produced by Rael himself or Raelian Movement. If these supported evidences are counterfeit, Rael must have sued them at all cost. Since Rael has learned the lesson that he can never sue and win against people telling only the true factual information, he stopped suing. All Raelians must know how and where their hard earned donated money is being used. To sue ex-Raelians, and to build secret multi-million-dollar luxury mansion with garden inside in Narita Japan and Las Vegas, USA, instead of building the embassy, and to buy some wine be placed at Raelian angels invited rooms, just to name a few.

    Every Raelian with few years of experience knows very well that Claude Vorilhon Rael is very inconsistent man. In February 2000, I was staying in a French Raelian's apartment in Marseille France for a month whose identity "was" (the sentence was removed some point) revealed in Claude Vorilhon Rael's book saying that in early years French Raelians didn't have a meeting because this Raelian Police Officer informed that the meeting would be raided by the police. One afternoon, he told me a story very proudly and not confidentially, in a sense of he and only few French Raelians know the real "fact" because they heard directly from Rael. The story is that when Claude Vorilhon Rael saw E.T(Yahweh)'s legs on 13th December 1973, he hid himself behind nearby bushes because he felt "so afraid." The French Raelian wasn't just told me this story simply, but with actions imitating himself hiding behind a kitchen drawer. Whether he is still Raelian or not, he will very proudly attest this. That time, I was very wondering why Claude Vorilhon Rael is telling all kinds different version of his story all around. You can trust on my memory not my intelligence, if you have doubt, you can find him easily, so ask him and confirm yourself.

    What do I know about Rael's personal life? Well, I'm not ready to dirty my own mouth yet if there is other way to inform you the truth. During Canadian mini seminar from 30th August to 1st of September in 2008, a very eloquent high rank guide lectured us on how to defend ourselves from people who condemn Rael's personal life. In a nutshell, he taught, "Rael is human being and every human being has personal life and privacy, therefore, it is none of your business and you shouldn't talk about it." My humble and logical answer is that if he is the real prophet then his personal life must be prophet like.

    The most ****ed up photo I've ever taken in my life. If one conducts a good deed regularly in secret, one day, he must get caught, and the news about his good deeds will spread out at least at faster speed than bad news does throughout people around him. For 11 years of my Raelian life, have I ever witnessed or overheard any good deed that Claude Vorilhon Rael did? The answer is "None!" This does not mean he never done any. During Japanese seminar, almost every seminar, he lectured Raelians what he had conducted one night; for example, he went outside to a park and left a delicious cake to a homeless man while he was asleep. This anecdote I am sure that it is true even though no one has witnessed. Does any Raelian utter out or make subject for a chat this kind of anecdote his prophet supposedly did in secret? The answer is also "None!" I have never witnessed myself or overheard any Raelian proudly uttered out which he directly heard from Rael. Why? Because any good deed supposedly conducted in secret but revealed by himself does not have any value! There are only two possibilities. Either he is "the Bad" or he is "the Ugly." This shows very well that no Raelian is very proud of his prophet's personality, for sure. A man is judged by his deeds, not by his words. However, all devoted Raelians seem to judge self-claimed prophet "only" by his words.

    Claude Vorilhon Rael in Miami Florida USA spending money donated by Raelian members. Have I done or ever done any good deed in my life? Only time will tell.
    However, Claude Vorilhon Rael and I have one common favorite word which is "stupid." Yet, 99 percent of time, I use this word to myself. All my friends or even acquaintances can attest this, especially in recent days. In June 2007, after he lectured his favorite teaching subject "Love your enemy," I heard, as well as 300 to 400 Raelians, during the lecture time Claude Vorilhon Rael's favorite "S/he/it is sooou stuuuupiiiid!" sentence with his unique French accent. I have very good memory which has nothing to do with intelligence. I remember this very well because unlikely previous seminars he elaborated it with many details. It was like this (The actual speech was about 5 mintues long, this is just short version): "I saw one guy in European seminar many years ago. He is sooooou stuuuuupiiiid that this guy liked this big breast girl but with no brain. He even has a PhD!" He repeated this sentence 2 or 3 times with big laughing. Guess what? "He" and "She" were even Raelians! I don't know if they are still. While he was saying this, the lecture room was very quiet. Probably, most of us were thinking the same thing. "Oh my Elohim! The prophet is making another mistake."

    Does this humanly prophet is learning himself by trial and error as well as his humanly father in the sky? If you were 25,000 years advanced civilization than human being, would you like to send an unprepared prophet and let him learn by trial and error or cramming for few days on what he supposed to teach? At least I believed like that and ignored the inner voice telling me the truth every time I saw his humanly mistakes. His favorite "stupid" sentence by repetitive hearing carved deep in my memory cells like a tape recorder. I guess I have to live with this all my life. Because of him, I even learned how to say "very stupid" in Japanese at Japanese seminar some years ago, also by repetitive hearing. He even wondered and asked Korean Raelians how to say "very stupid" in Korean language and some Korean Raelians taught him during lecture hour. If he says this in every seminar, maybe that is what he truly thinks about human beings and his devoted disciples whom his father supposedly created with full of love. I really don't think any of real prophets should have the word "stupid" in his vocabulary list.

    Claude Vorilhon Rael has appealed for a long time that we must "understand" instead of "believing." Since the most of his ideas came from Jean Sendy, in fact, Raelians really understand Jean Sendy and they must be called "Jean Sendyans" instead of "Raelians." Yet, it is totally left for them to "believe" Rael for his claims which have nothing to do with understanding. (The difference between understand and believe was also introduced by Jean Sendy in his book Les Temps Messianiques (The Messiahnique Times) 1975"

    Infinite Comparison Picture Scale between Jean Sendy and Claude Vorilhon Rael 0 . 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1
    Infinitely small means Zero! Nothing! Nada! I really wonder if any Raelian truly understands the meaning of the infinite. There are infinite numbers of zero between the point and the last number. The Raelians are the only group of people who "believe" that after these infinite numbers of zero they can find whole civilization living inside of "infinitely" smaller than an atom. Jean Sendy brought these scales and idea in his book "The Coming of the Gods (1970) on page 14-15" and he clearly mentioned that he brought the idea only to titillate the imagination. Even wording ancient Greek philosophers were not dare to assert this kind of absurdity, Claude Vorilhon Rael is the unique man asserting this on Earth and probably in this vast galaxy too. An atom can divide continuously overtime absolutely CANNOT prove the infinite such as whole civilization is existing and living in one single cell of living organism, and so on, therefore infinitely. Can it be proved if infinite time is given? Yet, infinite time cannot prove the theory of evolution. This is correct but Rael contradicts himself with this. Same as flaw of the Moor's law that number of transistors placed on an integrated circuit can be doubled approximately every two years. As physicist Michio Kaku mentioned, there will be a short-circuit some point.

    Claude Vorilhon Rael's infinite scale in French book 'Accueillir les Extra-Terrestres (1979) (Let's Welcome ET) Page 44' Claude Vorilhon Rael's infinite scale in French book 'Accueillir les Extra-Terrestres (1979) (Let's Welcome ET) Page 45' Even though we assume that an atom can be divided continuously over time; however, to find these civilization, or living organism or whatever, you have to divide an atom as small as particle of an air (I'm sure that air particle is bigger than an atom, I'm not a scientific guy), or even smaller, and that small particle as an air has infinite number of civilization living inside. And infinite times smaller than the particle of an air has infinite number of civizization living inside, and so on. Now, Rael's claim become pointless, why limits only to living organism to have living being inside? Because does it sound plausible? Can anyone understand this or imagine this?

    That limit never touches zero but actually becomes zero (nothing) which inevitably leads to the conclusion "Nothing is indeed consist of everything." Again, he contradicts himself with what he plagiarised from ancient Greek cosmology "Nothing comes from nothing, everything comes from something," in his book "Yes to human cloning (page 78)" which he has been saying throughout the seminars to impress people. If my assumption is wrong then you can safely assume that mankind's great event landing on the Moon is also big fraud and also we will never able to land on any planet since the mathematicians used the same limit calculation to have men landed on the Moon. Maybe space is infinite in size, but not in a sense of what Rael said. Rael's concept of the infinite involves with blind belief, not with understanding on any human level. Whether Rael plagiarized this idea from Jean Sendy or not, he made a big mistake. And this is another proof that he is just a fraud. This was one of the biggest questions that I had during my Raelian years, now it is clearly answered.

    When you believe something, you only focus on what you already believe or want to belive, and ignore all other flaws. Having a religion is almost same as having a lottery ticket. You want to believe what you already have in your hand. This is very true, if a person who has exact same intellectual level or belief system as one of the current Raelian bishop guides, and first exposed to the information available these days, he or she surely will not become a Raelian. If you are a Raelian, reread Rael's books, not just focusing on what you have underlined (what you already believe or want to believe) but the parts that you were curious and ignored or skipped. To be honest, I was dumbfound myself realizing so many flaws I found on Rael's false "message" recently which I had ignored during my Raelian years.

    Learn this, "You just want to believe." and this will carve deep in your subconscious mind continuously and eventually you become what you believe. This is favorite technique called "Self-Deceiving (Self-Deception)" which many con-artists have been developing and using to "deceive" their followers. Trust no one, just focus on facts.

    Thanks to the Internet and other bona-fide researchers.
    And thanks to Rael for his hard works extracting essential teachings from here and there and taught me, my life changed 11 years ago in a good way, and his last lesson will save me sometime in the future for sure.

    Since no one is becoming Raelian member anymore these days, this hoax will end within our generation. And our children will see Claude Vorilhon Rael only in the history book at the best. However, learning by other con-man's mistakes there will be other "intelligent deceiver" our children may serve. Alas! My conclusion is not whether Claude Vorilhon Rael is a fraud or not, but if we have to admit these kinds of con-men as part of the way people earn their living on this planet.

    All my friends and those who ever visited my home or my room during Raelian seminars know very well that I'm a sincere person and was a very devoted Raelian [proof]. I'm telling you the truth in the name of God, Elohim, Eloah, Jesus, Buddha, Moses, St Joseph, St Catherine and St Denis that Claude Vorilhon Rael is just an impostor.

    Wonjune LEE, once called "Raelian" or "Dotcom"

    15 August 2002, in Winchester Hampshire UK
    "Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. BELIEvE. There is GOOD out there. We OPpose DECEPTION. Conduit CLOSING."

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    What a plagiarism!!! Poke me to see full plagiarism. Those gods who made heaven & earth by Jean Sendy (1969)
    We begin by submitting a group of rats to "test labyrinth", which allows you to select the most intelligent one from the group: to the end of a certain number of course, it is in fact always the same rat who memorize better succession turns to take, and who first comes to the piece of cheese placed at the end of the course. This champion of intelligence is then sacrificed, we remove his brain, and we ingest it to a half of the another group of rats whose group never saw the labyrinth that the champion had demonstrated his intelligence - the other half group serve as control group. We then proceed to the second part of the experiment, and we certify, every time, that the rats who ate a little bit of the brain of the champion go through the labyrinth with much more facility than the rats who did not received their lunch. (page 44)
    No... That's coincidence~~ The book which tells the truth by Claude Vorilhon Rael (1974)
    Your scientists have just discovered that if you inject the liquid from the memory of an educated rat into the brain of an uneducated rat, it will learn what the other knew. We can transmit information by the injection of brain memory matter, thus our children have almost no work to do. They regularly undergo injections of brain matter taken from people possessing the information necessary for instruction. Therefore, children only spend their time doing interesting things, which they decide on themselves, such as rebuilding the world in theory and fulfilling themselves in sport and the arts. (page 102)

    Note: Today's science shows that neither Jean Sendy nor Claude Vorilhon Rael was correct. Any brain surgeon or brain scientist will laugh himself to death if he reads these theories. This is another proof that Claude Vorilhon Rael is just a fraud and plagiarism is dangerous idea.

    An ex-Raelian Jiro Kambe did excellent research on this. [Raelism vs. Science: Chemical Education]

    Those gods who made heaven & earth
    by Jean Sendy (1969)

    [...] it would evolve in a laboratory where biologists experimentally obtained the "initial spark" and the by trial and error, sought to create the most complex, diversified and efficient living forms, without fearing to make bold experiments leading to monstrous forms that were allowed to survive and eventually die out, thus providing detailed knowledge of mistakes to be avoided in the future. (page 24)
    The book which tells the truth
    by Claude Vorilhon Rael (1974)

    Our scientists had started to create primitive, embryonic forms of life, namely living cells in test tubes. Everyone was thrilled by this. The scientists perfected their techniques and began creating bizarre little animals but the government, under pressure from public opinion, ordered the scientists to stop their experiments for fear they would create monsters, which would become dangerous to society. In fact one of these animals had broken loose and killed several people. (page 19)

    Those gods who made heaven & earth
    by Jean Sendy (1969)

    If the Biblical text has a rational meaning, Noah did not bring two elephants, a pair of fleas and a raccoon couple into his tebah: he took with him what the Gilgamesh Epic calls "the seeds of life." [...] all that was preserved for us by Noah in his tebah. (page 156) [...] In the Biblical story, the positions are reversed: the scientists who conceived the "tebah program" are in space, having left the earth, and Noah, who is carrying out the program, remains on earth. (page 158)
    The book which tells the truth
    by Claude Vorilhon Rael (1974)

    However when the exiled creators were informed of the project they asked Noah to build a spaceship which would orbit the Earth during the cataclysm containing a pair of each species that was to be preserved. This was true figuratively speaking, but in reality [...] a single living cell of each species, male and female, is all that is required to recreate a whole being. (page 27)
    [See more comparison between Jean Sendy's books and those of Rael's]

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    Rael's 1st Book

    Jean Sendy's

    Le Progres de Lyon
    16 Jan 2003

    Raelian Luis Fernando's
    Love your enemy! but..... he is soooooooo stuuuuupppiiiiiid!!

    Interview / Video Clip Data See More Videos

    Rael's 1st Interview
    13 March, 1974

    Rael's Mother
    Marie Collette (French)
    Rael's childhood friend 'Roland Chevaleyre' interview (French). Click below on file1 and file2.
    Rael's friend Roland
    Chevaleyre file1, file2
    Former Raelian priest Jean-Denis Saint-Cyr's TV Interview (French)
    Jean-Denis Saint-Cyr
    11 Nov, 2009

    "You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time,
    but you can not fool all of the people all of the time."
          - Abraham Lincoln

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    The Books Comparison Between Jean Sendy and Claude Vorilhon Rael

    Download Those Gods Who Made Heaven & Earth (1969) by Jean Sendy
    Download The Coming of the Gods (1970) by Jean Sendy
    Download La Lune Cle de la Bible (1968) by Jean Sendy
    Download L'ere du Verseau (1970) by Jean Sendy
    Download Les Temps Messianiques (1975) by Jean Sendy
    Download Les Cahiers de Cours de Moise (1963) by Jean Sendy
    Download book 'Rael, The Masonic Messiah' by former Raelian Priest
    Download book Aliens Adored: Rael's UFO Religion (2004) by Susan J. Palmer
    The Maitreya: Extracts from his Teachings

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